Westfield State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school was being considered a “graduate and continuing education” student. It limited me to what time I was allowed to take classes. At one point in time I wanted to take numerous classes in one day but being a graduate and continuing education student, I wasn’t allowed to take classes before 4pm unless the teacher waived me in. This made picking classes very stressful.


The music program is far too small (in my opinion). There are not very many music students and especially not many string students. The department is good for students who like very small ensembles and teachers who work very closely with the students, but for me personally, I would like to be part of a bigger music ensemble/program.


We as a University live in a suburban area, so when you want to go grocery shopping or supplies for events in the residential halls it can be tricky when you don't have your own vehicle.


There is not one extremely bad thing about Westfield State College; there are many. The food is extremely bland and unappetizing. However, the thing that is worse then the food is the fact that the campus clears out on the weekend. If you aren't from the surrounding area it is extremely quiet and ghost town like. With the lack of healthy, appetizing food and the concept that Westfield is a commuters school, Westfield State College can be very lonely at times. You most certainly don't feel at home.


The worst thing about my school is the distance from my home.


There isn't much I can say that is negative about Westfield at this point. I've had a great experience at Westfield so far, I love the campus, but it is certainly not in the city which is fine for me, and their are shuttle buses from the campus, but if someone wants to be close to city life they shouldn't consider Westfield. I've been fortunate to have great professors, and my roommate and I were matched perfectly (which I know is a rarity) so obviously that's a big plus.


The only thing that I don't like very much about my school is that there is not much to do in the immediate surrounding town, however the president of our school is doing amazing things to get us more integrated with the community and starting this year, it has begun to get much better!


everyone always doesnt like something about their school, but i dont have a problem with this school. it is what you make it.


I consider the lack of housing to be the worse part about my school. I personally do not live in the dorms but from what I have been hearing, there are more kids seeking housing than can be provided; therefore, many students have had to stay in hotels in the surrounding area with arranged transportation to the school.


Again, probably the food quality and service at the Dining Commons. We pre-pay well over $2000 per semester, so they could at least have food ready for us when we come in, and have it at a decent quality to make it worth our money.


Can get very dull on some weekends. Many people want to go home or out partying. I enjoy this because I use those weekends to get caught up on work, but many others have complained about it.


the food


A lot like high school, everyone has cliques. There isn't enough student parking. Also the professors act like you arent getting homework from any of the others and pile too much on too fast. And some say they will get back to you about certain things and they dont.


alot of students go home on the weekends