Westfield State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think that anyone who is driven and who wants to succeed should attend this school. I'm noone to say what "kind" of person should not attend this school. I've met people from many walks in life and each one of them has walked away from that school with something different. One thing I can say about this school and any other school is that if one is not willing to do what it takes and doesn't want to take full advantage of what this school has to offer then maybe he/she is not ready.


Westfield State has many good things but also a few negative depending on what type of person you are. For example, if you like the city, Westfield is not for you. Also, a person who likes a large population and big class sizes will not like it here because class sizes are average twenty people mazimum. Specifically speaking, a person who is planning on majoring in somehing science related I do not recommend Westfield State because the equitment used is not up to date compared to other schools.


The kind of person that shouldnt attend this school is a person who is quite lazy and is used to cheating their way through everything.


People that are more interested in partying rather than focusing on their educational goals should not attend Westfield State. Westfield is a dry campus and does not incourage partying. Westfield is a small school as well. It would not be good for the people that do not want a close, small college atmosphere.


People who want to slack off in college or party their way through should not attend Westfield State University. The school supports students having fun with their friends and meeting new people in a variety of locations, but partying and slacking off is not tolerated. Another type of person that should not attend Westfield State University are people who do not want to get anything out of their college experience. Westfield State offers students an array of activities and services to help both commuting and on campus students get the most from college.


The kind of person who does not know what they want to get their degree in. I would recommend deciding what he/she would want to go to school for or else they will be taking many other courses that they may not need


I think anybody who is willing to get out there and try new things will fit in at this school.


People that enjoy a thick city life would not appreciate Westfield State as much because of the suburban area that surrounds our campus. There is a commute if you would like to really go into the city.


Lazy people


People who aren't motivated, or are only interested in attending college to drink and party. This school has recently become very competitive, and they are turning down more students than before because of the quality of education and its price. So if the students aren't keeping up with their school work or aren't taking it seriously, then they should give up their spot for a student who will take college seriously.


Everyone is welcome here at Westfield State College


someone who does not like to socialize and get involved.


The kind of person that wants to drink in college. I understand that college students drink and of course people drink here too but it is a very dry campus and they are trying to get rid of smoking too.


A person that should attend this school is someone who is driven and someone who wants a good future. The size of this school is perfect and the classrooms aren't far away from the dorms. There are a lot of activities that are available for students and they are great opportunities to meet people and get involved and love this campus more. Someone who is active would enjoy it here as well since there are so many things going on.


There's something for everyone, and plenty of different kinds of people to meet things to do and places to go, you just have to look. So if you're open minded it would be better.


a person who is looking for a large school, or a person who is looking for a lot of diversity and people from different places around the country and world.


very quiet people and ones that always have to have people around especially on the weekends.