Westfield State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Lack of variety and simple repetivie routine.


The location is not very stimulating. Westfiled State University is located in Westfield, MA, which is a very small town. There aren't any things to do around town. If you have a car you could get to Springfield, but the campus and general area is not exciting. Also, for me, the campus and student body is much too small and there are not enough events happening on or around campus to keep me interested.


The only frustrating thing I can think of is the amount of water that ends up on the campus walkways after a heavy rain. It's messym and hard to stay dry.


If you do not have a car on campus it is difficult to get around. If you did not get work study, there are limited jobs available on campus. It seems like the campus is dead every weekend, and if there are people still on campus their activities revolve around drinking and partying.


Dining hall hours are inconvienent on weekends. Nothing to really do on weekends around campus unless you have a car, busses do not travel that far.


Neighbors around you in the dorm buildings are too loud, music, etc.


The location. I am more used to a city environment, than the rural campus of Westfield State College. Aside from that aspect, I am quite content with my school. The people are great, the professors are well versed, and the overall quality of WSC is wonderful.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be how it floods whenever it rains. We all want tunnels so we dont have to rely on a half hour late shuttle that has commuted 20 kids to a place they didnt want to go to.


They sell a "dry campus" to students and parents when really it is a zero tolerance camous except there are few residents assisstants that do not report or write their charges up for drinking and disturbing everyone else who actually wants a good education.


Most on campus jobs are only work study positions for people needing financial aid.


I think the most frusturating thing about my school is the space that they have available. They continue to accept more and more students yet they dont expand on any of there facilities. Parking is becoming more and more crouded and classrooms are becoming more and more crouded. Housing they continue to accept student and then not have housing for them.


The most frustrating thing is that you have to drive to go anywhere. There is no off campus-housing, grocery stores, banks or anything of the sort within walking distance. It is especially hard for freshman who are not allowed to have cars on campus, and because of the behavior system in all honesty if you ever want to go to a party or socialize with your friends you have to go off-campus. Transportation services should be provided at night time for the students who do choose to go out.


SOme students don;t care about being here. This school can be a great one if you are willing to put some effort into your education.