Westminster College-Fulton Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag most about how awesome my age group is. I also brag about how amazing the football coaches were. It was great to be apart of a football program that actually cared about the players and actually wanted to win football games to make it to the playoffs.


I love telling my friends about my professors at Westminster College. Every professor I have had so far has been a great teacher and they are always willing to help outside of the classroom. My major is biology which is very challenging, but my professors were always approachable and will to assist me in whatever ways I needed them to. Although my professors were willing to help me whenever I needed it, they consistently challenged me in my coursework. Being a student at Westminster is tough, but working hard to overcome a challenging course is a fulfilling and rewarding experience.


That it is a wet campus and that there are awesome parties.


the parties