Westminster College-Fulton Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Westminster College-Fulton? Why?


The social life, there is nothing to do at our campus most of the time, as well as there is only a movie theatre and a bowling alley in town. So most weekends, many people leave campus to go home or to a bigger city to have fun and actually do something.


It is an expensive school to attend.


Fulton is a very small town and there isn't that much to do - but if that's what you're used to then you'll absolutely love it - or if the city life isn't your speed, it's really relaxing around here.


The worst thing about my school is their low salaries for adjunct professors. While they take very good care of the tenured professors, it is very hard to entice young, emerging professors and keep them around to become tenured professors.


The worst thing about Westminster is that it is too small.


The worst thing about Westminster is how it panders to some international students. They try really hard to get as many international students on campus as possible, without really considering the quality of the the student. They also get special priveleges, such as more financial aid, access to the best on-campus jobs, and academic leniency that doesn't exist for domestic students.