Westminster College-Fulton Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person from a large high school shouldn't attend my college. Because I have come from a large high school that about doubles my college, and it isn't what i wanted it to be. Yes academics are amazing because of the small classes, but that is the only positive for having a small school.


people who should not attend this school are the kind of people who dont care about their future. It is very important for people to want to come here not just to get a degree. they will not last very long if they are not dedicated, attendance is a big deal here you ahve to be in class or you will not have any idea of what is going on. If they dont care dont bother comming.


People who are not open to different cultures or ideas or who need to be in a fast-paced social setting should not attend this school.


If you're main interest is partying, then this is not the school for you.


Someone who hates being the center of attention and having one-on-one sessions with teachers. You cannot just blend here. Everyone stands out.


Someone who is looking for a party school - the students of Westminster have a ton of fun, but academic work comes first - no contest.


Someone who isn't serious or who doesn't have a strong work ethic. This school places a lot of emphasis on academics.


Someone looking for a big university, little involvement, only looking to do the minimum to graduate from college. Someone who is looking for little diversity, not wanting to live in a small town.


Someone looking for that huge university feel where no one knows your name and you are just a number shouldn't go here, we like people a lot and everyone knows everyone else on campus.