Westminster College-New Wilmington Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


People often criticize WC for being too small, but it actually creates a great community among the students, and the faculty get to know the students each personally. The campus is beautiful in any season, and the small town of New Wilmington is quite charming and allows the student population to get involved in the community. The academics are wonderful and the people who attend this college are friendly, and I really think that with the right attitude, you will make friends for a lifetime and come back as an alum to visit WC for years.


How small it is and how comfortable it feels being on campus.


The school has a great literary and artistic group called SCRAWL, where anyone is free to join and express themselves through the arts. I love talking to my friends about the organization and the amazing works that get submitted and shown from the entire campus.


I brag about the small size of the campus and student body. In addition, I mention that the campus is so gorgous and despite its location, which is in the middle of no where, there is always stuff to keep yourself busy with. Lastly, I never seem to shut up about how nice and caring all the students and facilty are.


It is a small school with great academics and small classes with one on one avalibilty always that you would never get at a large state school


I like to talk about the close-knit community at my school. We have a bustling social atmosphere here with a lot of clubs, groups and fraternities/sororities students can be involved in. There is usually a lot going on here and there many oppurtunities to gather and socialize while attending events like football or basketball games, charity events and off-campus trips.


I mostly talk about how academically strong it is and how pretty the campus is.