Westminster College-New Wilmington Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If your main priority is academics, not partying, WC is better for you than a large state school. There are parties here on the weekends, but there is no pressure to get involved in a party lifestyle if you aren't into that. Plus, WC is a dry campus, and New Wilmington is a dry town. All the same, if you can balance your academics and social life, you'll be fine. Also, there is a strong emphasis on Greek Life here, but honestly, the whole campus agrees that we aren't your typical fraternities and sororities.


A Westminster Titan is a student who loves to learn and meet new people; they're engaged in the classroom; they are involved in and off campus; they have a diverse group of friends; they can have fun in any situation; and if they're not this way when they arrive--they sure are when they leave!


The person that would fit best into this school is someone who is looking for a smaller school. They should be looking to get a very personal education. The person should most likely love to get involved and should not be afraid to get to know people. Also, they should not be afraid to go to their professors for advice in and out of the classroom. The professors will be a major part of the persons life and it would be beneficial to get to know them on a more personal level.


Anyone who wants to put in the time and effort needed to achieve a well-rounded and beneficial education. Anyone who like small class sizes with friendly professors who are glad to help out in any way they can.