Westminster College-New Wilmington Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Everyone should attend college or some degree of schooling after high school, just where that student attends is the deciding factor. At Westminster, the focus on liberal arts education standards and high academic integrity is of most importance, while at other institutions, trade skills and hands on training may be more of a focus. Whether you decide to go to a school where either or neither are of importance, remember that the ideals of the institution should fit your ideals as well. The education you receive should reflect your interests, values and skill set.


A person with a great work ethic and one looking to pursue a successful career. A person who likes knowing everyone around them, because it is such a small campus, it's hard to go from class to class without knowing at least one person. People who are shy and not social do well here because classes are small and they do not have to meet someone new everyday. Those who like one on one contact with professors and advisors.


The type of person wo should not attend Wetminster College is someone who is looking for a big school in a big city. The college is located in a scenic part of Pennsylvania and there is not a lot of activities that are going on besides for those that are sponsored by the campus itself. Also, if you do not want to have a close relationship with teachers and would rather teach yourself Westminster College is not for you. Lastly, if you would rather not get involved in on cmapus activities this is not the place for you.


Someone who likes big classes.


Someone who is looking for a lot of financial aid, isn't interested in greek life, and is looking for a very diverse group of people.


Anyone who wants to irk by and drink their way through four years of college. Anyone who doesn't have a motivation to put in the effort needed to prosper in their course of study.