Westminster College-New Wilmington Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Westminster is a small rural college that has a high focus on academics. Expectations are high and competitive and you are there to learn. Financial rewards in scholarships and grants are great when you deliver the grades. Professors know you by name. On campus safety is very good, you can feel free to walk at night to clear out the cob webs. Because there is not much to do in the town itself the college is very good at providing activites outside the classroom for entertainments. The Arts are high regarded here .


The size and feeling of being home.


The people at this school are just wonderful. There's not a time during the day that I can't walk across campus or go into a building without knowing atleast one other people in the same vacinity.


The atmosphere: It's just a close knit student body.


The small class sizes because the professor is always there to help


The quiet when you need to study, because it makes is easy to not get distracted when there aren't a lot of people and activities going on all the time.