Westminster College-Salt Lake City Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Westminster College is wonderful because it really makes a difference when your professor knows you by name and you have the opportunity for one-on-one conversations and help with class material, and the fact that they are so knowledgeable with in-depth understanding of the subject that you feel truly comfortable in your ability to conquer class material.


Westminster is a small school with a beautiful campus and many skiiers and snowboarders; the professors claim they get to know you, however that has not seemed to be the case so far.


The school is supportive and wants you to succeed in your goals.


Ok. So while we might not be as cool as Hogwarts, we come pretty close. We have our own castle (Converse Hall), our own ghosts, and everything in-between. The campus is small, and sits on 27 acres in the middle of Sugar House. Every building is unique and has a great history attached to it. The campus is beautiful, and even went up against Stanford University's campus. So obviously that says something. Whether flowers are blooming, leaves are falling, people are tanning on the lawn, or snowmen litter the paths, the campus is extraordinary.


Westminster College combines the aesthetic appeal and easy accessibility of Utah with the feel of an East Coast school. Teachers work with students individually, and because Westminster isn't a university, the quality of teaching is better. The teachers are there for students and because they love to teach. The professors are completely dedicated. I couldn't think of a more perfect school - Westminster has everything!


Very liberal.


Westminster College is a unique place with teachers who want you to learn, students who become your best friends and family, and classes that prepare you for the ever changing future; all nessled in a college town focused on the diversity and well being of the students.


Westminster is very much the place to be if you are interested in out-door activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking or camping; it has many programs, both academic and extra curricular that are involved in these types of activities.


My school is very liberal, has small class sizes, encourages creativity, is expensive, promotes student to professor interactions, has wonderful professors that are available to help students, promotes environmentally friendly ideas, and promotes community/service involvement.


It is a small, private, college.


It is amazing and the faculty and students really are able to work together.