Westminster College-Salt Lake City Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


A good mix, and a very strong community of people. Very socially aware and responsible. A liberal crowd.


There is a wide range of diverse students on campus with the vast majority being friendly and willing to give directions or lend a hand.


My classmates in my major are very focused, driven individuals and we tend to mesh very well.


friendly and helpful, goal oriented and desire to succed.


Westminster College promotes excellence; consequently, the students at the college are service-oriented, always willing to help, and undeniably aiming to excel.


Your alssmates are willing to help and participate in class, while building strong friendships outside as well.


My classmates are diversely focused but always friendly and laid-back.


My classmates are all really cool fun friends. i guess my classmates had sort of turned into a little family so I feel really tight wigh them. I'm definitley comfortable around them. I feel that most of my classmates are here for the same reason as I am and that they are all trying to find a job. My classmates all seem liberal and not so emmotionally attached when it comes to heated debates which I enjoy. feel like for the most part I can be pretty open and honest with anyone on my campus.


The student body of Westminster college is very casual. Sometimes you go to class and you will find people in gym attire, just coming from or going to the gym. Also you will find those that are ready to hit the slopes after class during the winter months.


Not too diverse, but everyone is accepting. It is a place where you can easily feel like you fit in.


For Utah, Westminster is a very diverse campus. Yes, it's true that more than half the student body is Caucasian. But we have a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs to draw from. As a whole, I'd say Westminster is the most progressive campus when it comes to acceptance and tolerance. We are very accepting of our LGBT students, and religious tolerance is generally very open-minded. Some of the teacher's are a little biased against religion in general and Mormons in particular, but that always comes out in discussions and personal philosophies, NOT discrimination against the students. And for non-mainstream religions, there is a very large level of tolerance. I have met students who come from a wide range of religious backgrounds, including self-proclaimed Wikkans, Pagans, Polytheists, and Aura worshippers.


The types of students at Westminster: mormons, ski bums, nerds, and asians. Everyone is very friendly.


Although Westminster lacks in diversity the school has an amazing student body. Most students take part in a club or activity on or off campus. Many students actively participate is a sport or some sort of physical activity as well.


Young hip and very liberal.


Amazing! Everyone is awesome. No one judges each other. There isn't everyone that is LDS. I say it is 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} no and 40{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} yes who are.


Westminster is extremely welcoming and prides itself on its diversity. I took a Queer Theory class that was brilliant. We watched Tony Kushner's "Angels in America" and read numerous books, including Alison Bechdel's "Fun Home." Differences are encouraged and celebrated. Most of the students on campus are liberal-thinking and open-minded.


Salt Lake City is the small pocket away from conservative Utah. Westminster College seems to be one of the most concentrated areas of diversity. Can't say that it is diverse compared to where I'm from (Baltimore), but diverse compared to te rest of Utah it is. There are many snowboarders and skiers, many of which are really talented. There is a general positive atmosphere with most students.


Westminster is very accepting of different racial, socio-economic, and many other groups on campus. They encourage the students to embrace diversity. Fifty percent of the students attending Westminster are from out of state. It is a highclass private college, which offers many different opertunities for education.


There are a lot of speakers who come to our campus and speak on issues regarding, racial, religion, LGBT and SES. On campus we have a majority of racial clubs that have campus wide events.Though our school is small, most will find someone of similar interest. The dress wear on campus is like anywhere else in the US, the only difference you may see is the winter time, where lots of students are wearing ski gear. A majority of students are from Utah and Idaho. A majority of students financial background is upper-class. Students here are politically aware and active, in our dinning hall we have a free-speech board where a current event question is written and students are freely to write their opinions on the board, which gets used a lot.


Westminster is a predominantely white campus. There is some diversity, but I think a lot of that comes from International students, not ethnically diverse from the United States. I also think Westminster is predominantely middle - upper class. We are definitely considered a "rich kid school." Most students dress nicely for class. I rarely see students in class wearing their pajamas. Different types of students definitely interact with each other. I know my group of friends is extremely diverse. A lot of students here are politically aware, but I wouldn't say the majority are. A lot of students probably like to think that they are, but are really not very edjucated about politics. Overall, the student body is definitely more liberal.


Very liberal, active, and diverse. A lot of cyclists, climbers, so a lot of hippy-wear going on. We are a longboard, hackey-sack campus, with an incredibly intellectual edge. Students rarely focus on money, more interested in knowledge, and issues. Environmentally sound campus, very interested in eco issues.


Everyone is so kind and friendly!


There's a mixture of everything at Westminster, so your experience is what you make it. The majority of the people here are openminded, so don't be afraid to learn and teach. Share your life and allow others to share theirs with you.


The student body is very outgoing in the outdoors. From trips to the desert on weekends to skiing/snowboarding after class during the week. Everybody here is always ready to go out and have fun.


The student body at Westminster is pretty diverse. Although it is difficult to fully describe it as I am a commuter student and only a freshman.


Westminster isn't a particularly diverse college ethnically, but that is one of their big pushing points for the next year. I, myself, am part of a minority, but I've never really felt out of place here so there definitely isn't hostility toward racial diverse people - at least not that I've experienced. Westminster is very open to LGBT individuals and those LGBT individuals I know have felt very welcome here. Our LGBT club thrives and makes an impact on campus. The general "dress code" here ranges - I've been to class in sweats and slippers and also in more formal wear for presentations and whatnot. There's a lot of Utah students here and a good majority of students attend here due to the close proximity to lots of ski resorts.


This is the only school in Utah that is not predominantly LDS. I feel like it is very open to racial, religious, LGBT, and socio-economic people, and they can feel comfortable being here. However, it is not very diverse in terms of races, being mostly white students here.


The campus is slightly diverse but not all students feel welcome.


There are so many different students on campus, its hard to find someone just like you, but you make friends with people that you wouldn't usually think you would make friends with. Take my roommate for example, if we were to have met anywhere else, we would not be friends, she is organized, really focused on her studies, a little control, and in honors. Not someone I would try really hard to be friends with, me being disorganized, focused on my studies - but not that much - and an education major. We are completly different people, grew up differently and have different values, but we are great friends! We have girls nights in, workout together, get addicted to TV shows together and shop. Its amazing that we are still friends, but I am really glad we are!


ASWC (Associated Students of Westminster College) is an organization set up to strictly serve the students of Westminster. They provide countless activities to help students get to know each other and the school. Westminster has a really great clubs and organization program that includes tons of clubs all over campus that satisfies almost every interest someone may have. If you cant find a club that interests you they are more than willing to help you create one and fund it for you. Although this is a great service, Clubs on campus could be funded more appropriately in reference to other activities on campus that are funded through student fees.


I am a senator in the student government where we just approved a 400,000 dollar budget for the upcoming year. This is what keeps our events up and running, including awesome spring flings, barbeques, water slides, and much more.


A lot of Westminster students are from all over the U.S. A lot of the student body skis/snowboards but not everyone. There is definitely a feeling of diversity at this campus.


Westminster has a wide range of diverse students. The students are from all over the world. As a Westminster student you will interact with different people and grow withing yourself as you expand beyond your boundaries.


Alot of different cultural groups in the classroom


Good student body. By far the most open minded, diverse and accepting student body in Utah. It is a liberal arts college, and it would be considered liberal by most standards anywhere in the US. Since the student body is small, most everyone knows each other, on top of that there aren't many "groups" that people only stay in. Most students are very studious, but there are the aforementioned "snow bros" and lacrosse players


The student body isnt too diverse, mostly white people with the exception of some international students


The school is pretty moderate to liberal, probably because of it's private, liberal arts standing and it's history. I'd also say it's a pretty diverse school racially and ethnically and is a great school for students who grew up in Utah and weren't Mormon to finally find friends who may fall away from that lifestyle.


Student body is really diverse but there's not obvious cliques. Everyone generally gets along. There are people from all walks of life and there's generally a place for everyone.


Westminster is super accepting of everyone and there couldn't be a more welcome environment. Everyone realizes that we are all unique and we work together to make the best community that we can on campus. The students are fairly laid back and dress to classes is usually casual, though there are plenty of people in business dress, military uniforms, pajamas, you name it! It really doesn't matter and no one cares about what others are wearing or what they look like.


Inclusion is the big word for Westminster's student body. Everybody has a place where they can belong. You will see at the student center people wearing suits right next to someone in all his snow gear right next to an ROTC student in camo right next to someone in a hoody and jeans. There are organizations for different religions, nationalities, ethnicities, languages, and interests. The only student who would feel uncomfortable on campus would be a member of a group watched by the Southern Poverty Law Center.


There are many groups, and clubs on campus that help students get to know others and participate is extra curricular activities. There is something for everyone at Westminster which I love about the school, it is very hard to feel out of place even though the school is so small. The classes are very casual and usually involve a lot of discussion, and interaction. Overall the student body at Westminster is diverse, but united through various groups, organizations and classes.


The student body is predominantly white, upper middle-class. The school likes to brag about all the diversity on campus, but Westminster actually has a lot less of it than most college campuses. I haven't seen much intermingling of students of different backgrounds. I see Asians all hanging out together, and the few African Americans and Africans are usually all together. There's not much political activism on campus, and I'd guess that most students are right of center.


Very inclusive an open-minded. It's a small campus so get used to seeing the same people over and over again.


The student body is diverse, with lots of out-of-state students and internation/exchange students. I've found you can make friends with just about anyone, in any of your classes. People are friendly and fun and there is a group for everyone - although my friends all fall into different groups. It's easy to get to know people and become active in student government and activities. People from all different walks of life attend, and all seem to be able to fit in and enjoy their experience.


Most of the westminny students are from out of state and from varying walks of life. Most students seem to be more liberal than conservative


mostly white people but there are alot of foreign exchange students who are cool


No one student on campus is the same. There are students from every religious background imaginable, as well as from every race imaginable. This gives Westminster unique diversity.


There is religious diversity at WEstmisnter. From Atheist to Mormon. There is every religion here. WE are not the mormon school, that BYU or even the UofU, we are sharing of all religions. I think you can find your place at Westminster no matter what you are like. The weather is crazy. We got Sun, Rain, and Snow all in ONE day. I love it here and im from a hot climax. Just make sure you have snow boots and flip flops.


The student body is diverse ethnically. Religiously it seems like there are quite a a large number of agnostics or atheists here, but that might just be the case with college aged people.


There is a niche for everyone. everyone.