Westminster College-Salt Lake City Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Anything to do with the theater department.


My school is best known for their nursing and aviation program along with being a small campus and classrooms, large scholarships, and full of people who enjoy the snow.


Westminster has one of the best aviation programs in the nation. I will be majoring in aviation operations.


Whenever I think about Westminster, I think about its beauty. Westminster's academics summarizes quality education; however, they merely compliment the exquisite learning environment Westmintser presents. It's ideal in every way - Westminster provides several study locations, no matter your course of study, as well as beautiful landscaping that reminds its students how eco-friendly Westminster is. It's relaxing and stimulates the mind in every aspect possible.


Westminster is best known for small class rooms and hands on education. Our campus is located in the heart of Salt Lake City, close to the mountains and downtown. Our school is also best known for producing students with good problem solving skills, giving them an edge in all job market.


Providing a top notch education, and still having a lot of fun while doing it. Oh, and the free classes in May is another big thing.


Westminster is best known for their academics because we have some of the best aviation, science, and business programs.


Being a private liberal school with small class sizes and amazing professors


My school is best known for its unique campus that is coordinates with nature, as well as majority of their student?s being skiers or snowboarders.


It is best known for being a small liberal and challenging school.


Academics. It is a very challengug school wth professors who love to challange you. You will get the most out of your education here at Westminster.


Liberal arts, and sports.


It is very well known for Aviation and Business and Nursing.