Westminster College-Salt Lake City Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


No. I don't fit the mold and I know a lot of other students that don't fit any of these categories. Yes we have some kids that their parents pay for everything, but a lot of us work hard to be here to get the best education that we can. I could have went to a school and had it completely covered but I chose to come to Westminster and work really hard and get the education that Westminster has to offer. I want to be healthy and love eating right and exercising. Westminster has a unique environment that supports you if that is the life style you want but it also has an environment where you aren't judge if you aren't that way.




There are a lot of skiers and snowboarders here for that exact reason. Probably 25{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} or more of the school hits the slopes on any given week, including many of the faculty members. However, the other stereotype is not accurate. While there are students who come from wealthy backgrounds and can afford the school on their own, Westminster is pretty generous with scholarships, so you don't have to come from wealth to come to this school.


Yes, Westminster is a ski school because you can arrange your classes so you have classes twice a week. They are long days though, and sometimes it is hard for students to keep up. Spring break is also a lot earlier that usual, so we can ski. Most students have no class on fridays. Westminster has hard classes, when dealing with the nursing major. I am in the library till 11pm mon-thurs and have homework on sundays. My LE's are hard too. This year I have learned so much.


No, this stereotype is not accurate. Many students are able to financially afford Westminster because of scholarships. However there are students who come from wealthy families but it is not the case for everyone. The students that do come from such families are hardly arrogant or a snob.


No entirely there are alot of upper middle class students because it is a small private school. But all the students are down to earth and so much fun.


Well, depends. I think that no, definitely not everyone is rich or stuck up. I find that the complete opposite. Westminster provides great financial aid through grants and scholarships that make it REALLY affordable. I will say many students drink but I saw it is comparable to any other college, just not ones in UT due to the LDS culture, so I think that is one reason for that stereotype. There are always people anywhere who meet these stereotypes but Westminster is the place I have finally been accepted for who I am. I don't have to worry about being judged.


No, most of the students are actually very open-minded, intelligent, aware, free-thinking, and considerate of others.


There is a bit of truth to every steroype, just like in real life. There are kids with wealthy parents, just like any other school. Neither of my parents went to college until much later in life. Everyone's experience is different. All of the other steroetype are positive, I don't mind them.




Yes, stereotypes are accurate.


No. A lot of people here ski, but not everybody. And yes, the school is expensive, but most people I know are on scholarship


That’s not the case at all. Westminster is very diversified and helps students financially through its very generous scholarship program.




Not always, there are very down to earth and understanding people in the Westminster community.




Kind of, they are not rich, it is just as any school, some are and some are not. They party quite a lot but I believe it is just as much as any other campus. They are smart, according to the average GPA of students.


The stereotypes are definitely not accurate - there's a good mix of students here from different economic backgrounds and political backgrounds.


Somewhat; a lot of kids are using drugs and have their college paid for but a lot of kids also work really hard to do well in school and don't party that often




Not everyone is a ski or snowboard Bro, in fact there is a rather large population of studemts that do not ski or snowboard, and they are all really nice people. To me, I feel like that in order to be a student here on campus you have to be nice, and therefore everyone is nice to you.


Although Westminster has its fair share of people that are super interested in snow sports "snow bros", the students definitely know how to get work done. Westminster attempts to put a large focus on environmental consciousness and being the best inhabitants we can be to this planet, but that is not the schools only focus. we strive to lesson our carbon footprint, but also learn and focus on countless other beneficial topics.


Most of us are not rich because we got large scholarships to this school. Since we are paying more for college, we care more and spend more time on our scholarly work.


Yes and No. Some are liberal but there are also a lot of conservatives as well.


Sometimes. There is alot of highschool drama between the groups


Partially. There are very intelligent people at Westminster, and very wealthy people, but it's not as much as people might think. There are also a very large amount of "Snow Bros" as well as athletes, particularly the lacrosse players, who goof off most the time, distract in classrooms, and don't do any work that most people wouldn't think of before going to Westminster


Mostly just the skiing and snowboarding


I don't think so. We're really academically driven here and while people do party I don't think it's anymore than any other college of our size. We also don't have a greek system to perpetuate that sort of behavior.


Not really. Campus is really diverse.


These are fairly true assessments, but from what I have seen, everyone works hard to do what they need to for their classes so that they can learn more and feel accomplished. Very few people are at this school to coast by and party all the time.


I think Westminster is one of the most inclusive campuses in the Intermountain West. On campus politics probably leans more to the left when it comes to socially liberal issues because so many of us who are viewed as non-conformists to the local majority feel comfortable and welcome here. We also have a significant number of LDS members on campus because so many of our programs are held in high regard. I feel Westminster could do more to bring in students from marginalized backgrounds, but I do feel that if the campus became more representative of current demographics, everyone would feel welcome. Westminster does bring in a lot of winter sport enthusiasts due to its Winter at Westminster program. The college always has a handful of Olympic hopefuls as students.


I think it depends on who you talk to at Westminster. Certainly some of the students fall under these stereotypes, but it's incorrect to stereotype all Westminster students under these two stereotypes.


Neither stereotype is accurate. There are some "snowbros", but they make a very small minority. And over all, I would say that Westminster students are pretty conservative compared to students at other campuses.


For the most part yes.


oh yeah


of course


None of these are accurate. Westminster is a Liberal Arts College. Most of the students are laid back and just go with the flow. WIth the many scholarships Westminster College offers to new and transfer students, no student pays full tuition costs. When it comes to applying to the school, almost anyone can get in. Most people are afraid to apply because of the "sticker price"


WE are the only wet campus in the state of Utah and we do a lot of community and envioment service.


The partying hard stereotype is accurate, but even though tuition is steep there are so many scholarships that not everyone here is rich or has rich parents that are paying for college. Some of us are attending on our own merits.


Somewhat. There are those kids but a lot of others too,


Not at all when it comes to the money. Of course some rich kids go here but you'll find that at any school. Kids are decently smart, but obviously you must kind of smart to get into college in general..


Yes both stereotypes are absolutely true


This is not true at all i know plenty of students that are working very hard to be at this school myself included. parents arn't always paying for the entire college.


Some are to an extent


The Stereotypes are not true, the only one that is, is that we are all smart, and everyone here takes their academics very seriously


Definitely not! More the 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students receive some form of financial aid. And there are people from all walks of life. I would say there are more skiers and snowboarders than snooty rich kids.


The price is not as high as most East Coast schools, and yet the school has amazing courses and instructors.


Fairly accurate




No. Most students I know, including myself, rely on financial aid to attend.