Westminster College-Salt Lake City Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Solid academic programs, especially in business and science. Small classes make teacher-student relationships very accessible. Class workloads are reasonable.


I'll be the first to tell you that people at Westminster know how to have all sorts fun. But at the end of the day, we are all here to learn, and that is exactly what happens. Professors know each student by name, and often times where you live. (I had a professor pick up the class and take it to a student's apartment who missing class.) I have yet to have a class with over 23 students (and I'm in my third semester). Professor's offices are always open if a student has questions, needs advice, or just wants to talk (or even play with a dog). The learning here is different than anywhere else I've ever seen. It is done to prepare you for the rest of your life. You learn to get ahead, and achieve the best that you can once you get into the real world. They teach as if you were at a job, not just in a classroom. It's a type of learning that Westminster College is at the forefront of, and as a student, I can honestly say it is pays off. Education gets you ahead in life, but an education from Westminster will get you to the top. The very top.


One experience I will always remember about Westminster is the fact that I know my professors and they know me. I have a professor that sends me internship opportunities that are along the field that I am looking at going into. He is always making sure I am learning what I need to so that I can be successful in the future. Another professor loves the field so much that he creates excitement in the class. We enjoy being there and I have learned more then I ever thought was possible. He also creates an environment of respect especially when we discuss others cultures and beliefs.


Small class size means you're not a number. If you need help they will be willing to do what they can, and often approach you if they are concerned.


The academic life on campus is pretty strong. The small class size and close association with your professors allows anyone to get as much individual help as they need. Students tend to be active in class, asking pertinent questions and oftentimes even directing the flow of the material. It's not uncommon for a teacher to restructure their daily lesson plan to accommodate what WE want to learn.


When dealing with the Nursing program, Westminster has a great program. It is very challenging though. I came from a great Highschool( ranked in the top 100 schools in us) and it is hard. Be prepared


Academically, Westminster is perfect for students looking for a small learning environment in which the teacher strive to help every student learn the material in their class. My teachers have gone out of their way to help me with every issue I have had. Most importantly each and every professor works to know the student on a personal level.


Indvidual, personal and indepth.


My professors know my name. I like most of the professors I have had. I think students overall have a better work ethic than anywhere else. WE take pride in our grades Westminster isn't just about academic development but also personal development.


There is a strong connection between students, both among themselves, and with their professors. There is a unique community feeling that isn't found at many campuses. Our senior thesis book is being printed with a photograph of our class and professor on the front. We have experienced a lot together, and have built lasting friendships. I appreciate the inclusion of these intellectual people in my life.


Most of my professors have been pretty cool. Just make sure you ask around for the good ones, it is well worth your time! I have had some really cool teachers but the class participation was still really low. Why? I do not know. The requirements for graduation seem fair to me.


The professors are very envolved in the students education and very willing to help them understand concepts that have been taught. They know all of the students by name. They have given out their cell phone and home phone numbers in the past when the students have had a need to contact them and they are willing to go the extra mile to help the student succeed. Westminster has a great nursing school and they expect the best out of their students. The education their was geared toward learning for its own sake as well as getting a job, but more weighted on learning.


At Westminster College, 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the professors here go by there first name, because at Westminster they want students to develop a relationship with them. My favorite class I have had here is my adolescent developemnt psychology class, our professor took the learning out of the class room, by going to after school programs and helping kids with homework and hanging out with them. With this assignment we took notes of comparing what we learned from out textbooks to what we see when hanging out with kids from variety age groups.


My favorite classes have probably been my Honors classes. They're all discussion based (instead of lecture) which makes a 2 hour class much more enjoyable for the students. I also think we learn a lot more because students don't zone out in the middle of class, and get to talk about things that genuinely interest them. My least favorite class was probably my statistics class. Mostly because I wasn't at all interested in the subject matter, but also because the class was boring and monotonous. I never felt like attending class was really that valuable to me. As an Honors student, I think I've had a really different experience then most students at Westminster, as far as academics go. I know I spend a substantial amount of time doing homework and studying, as do many of my friends. I think students that aren't in the Honors program still study a fair amount, but a great deal less than I do. Honors students are also much more inclined to have intellectual conversations outside of class. I have dinner with a lot of my Honors friends almost every single night, and our conversations are frequently intellectual. I don't think thats quite as common outside of the Honors program. In fact, I think most students would rather completely forget about school when they are with their friends, which I completely understand. I am a Communication major, but I'm only a freshman, so I don't have a whole lot of experience with the Communication Department. I have had Fred Fogo who is a fantastic professor. He is kind and helpful and really knows his stuff. Other than that, I don't really know much about the department. I spend time with some of my professors outside of class, but again, these are mostly my Honors professors. I think the Honors professors are more personally invested in their students, and don't feel like our relationship needs to be limited to the classroom. They plan a lot of activities outside of class in which students and professors can just relax and hang out. I think Westminster's academic requirements are really reasonable. One of the most interesting requirements is the foreign language requirement. I don't know of any other schools that require you to take a foreign language during your time in college. ( A lot of schools require foreign language credits before you apply to the college, but not while you're enrolled in the school).


Professors here at Westminster make it a point to know the students by name. They are always willing to help students outside of class whether its assisting in class assignments or non school related issues.


All professors know my name within the first two days of class. Westminster demands a pretty great amount of academic participation from students, especially because the classes are small in size. If you don't study. You are called on it. I love spending time with professors outside of class, the personal connections made are very valuable. Westminster allows students to have phenomenal opportunities in internships and jobs, as well as just focusing on the knowledge gained.


The professors are all very friendly, care about you personally, and are willing to do whatever they can to help you.


The professors know your name, if you introduce yourself! Haha, they are human so don't be intimidated. Small class sizes make it less intimidated to participate. The science department is amazing and you'll have every opportunity to grow however you choose. Westminster is a place where you can find yourself.


From my experiences class participation is a very big this with all of my classes. The professors understand that sitting and lecturing for 2 hours will just make students fall asleep


The academic life is interesting. If you have taken many difficult classes in high school it is about the same load. Sometimes you may have to spend Friday nights studying rather than hanging out with friends. But the professors are always there to help you out if you need it.


The professors really do get to know you, it's kind of difficult not to with the small class sizes. My favorite class so far has been Literary Criticism with Sean Desilets - it was absolutely fantastic. The students here are really competitive, I know for the English department the average GPA is somewhere around a 3.5, but the intellectual atmosphere follows outside of the classroom. Westminster really stresses the general education - and that includes language - which I think makes for a fantastic educational base, but I know some students think it's a bit much.


I believe that the mathematics department (my major) is fantastic at Westminster. Each professor is extremely intelligent and does a really good job of getting difficult points across to students. The professor's really want you to succeed, so they are willing to put the time in to help you if you are willing to to put the time in as well.


I've really enjoyed all of my classes. The teacher's are really interested in your thoughts and want you to understand the subject matter.


Your professors will know your name not only in class, but also when they see you out and about on campus. Professors will stop and talk with you if they see you, so sometimes you might be a little late or they might be a little late, but the conversation is worth it! One of my favorite classes was a History class that I took Spring semester. I have hated history most of my life, but this class was amazing, the professor taught the subject in a way that peeked my interest and made me want to know more! And of course the LC classes are the best too!! Mine was Math and Leadership, and we went and played lazer tag on class day! Plus they would buy us lunch stuff all the time!


Professors are good, and required to to have their pHD before they teach at Westminster. The new Meldrum science center is state of the art, with laptops, labs, and advanced equipment with stores of deadly and incredible chemicals.


Class sizes are small, professors know your name and they want you to succeed. I am a Financial Services major and so far I have enjoyed most of my professors.


The professors at Westminster will know you by first name. Most will have you call them by their first name. A relationship outside the classroom is often made. The learning/teaching style or technique is unique and very application based. They steer away from memorization in order to focus on the application of what you are learning. I thing this helps for the information to 'stick' and not just slip away upon completion of the class.


Professors get to know you on a personal level and know by first name. Some classes are better than others because of this


The academic life is great fairly rigorous, particularly at the upper division level. Most all professors know all of their students, not just by name, but also "know" them, as in what their major is, how they learn etc. Most people come to Westminster to learn, and the campus life reflects that, but of course when the weekend comes the studying takes a break, and occasionally during the week as well.


The professors are really good to get to know, they help you out with whatever issues you might be having


The school has small class sizes, so you really get a great learning experience and the ability to connect with your professors. It leaves open a lot of opportunities to progress further in your major, because you can actually meet with your professors one on one.


Professers are all really nice and really knowledgable about what they're teaching. They encourage you to stop by their office hours all the time and. It's not hard to get a hold of professors or other students. There's all kinds of classes to suit any interest and and the requirements make it possible to take those classes along with the gen. eds.


Every class has class participation. There isn't getting by on other people doing the work for you. The teachers learn everyone's names very quickly, and I still have professors from my freshman year remember who I am and ask about my major and how things are going for me. There are tons of opportunities to take cool and unique classes, especially over May Term or in the Honors Program.


I'm in the School of Education, and it's quite different from all other programs I've experienced (I changed majors several times). Professors and students are on a first name basis. All the professors practice what they teach. Students go out and practice effective teaching methods before they student teach. I have never been so motivated to work hard in any other program. If teaching is what you want to do, Westminster is the place to be.


The professors know all of their students on a personal level, and because classes are small after a semester or two you become very close with your peers. Many projects are done in groups and help teach students to become acclimated with working in a team setting. Because Westminster is a small private school the academic requirements are challenging and require students to spend a sufficient amount of time studying. Westminster offers many unique, fascinating classes such as the Psychology of Love during May term, and others during regular semesters. I strongly suggest to any prospective student that if they choose Westminster to take full advantage of the May term trips and classes!


If you're planning on studying at Westminster you should definitely be prepared to participate in class discussions and projects everyday. Because most classes are pretty small, professors are able to use class discussion instead of boring old lectures. This also allows students and professors to get to know one-an-other on a first-name basis. Professors usually have plenty of office hours, and are very welcome to visits outside class.


The professors are great! They know you by name and are willing to meet with you any time. The class sizes tend to be small so discussion and participation is highly encouraged.


What I lovea bout Westminster is that you can make your experience anything you want it to be. It's a small, friendly campus, yet there is still lots of activities and clubs to participate in. Classes are small and most encourage discussion. The academic requirements are rigorous and geared toward real-life goals, like being profitable after you graduate.


The professors are often very understanding. They do everything they can to help you succeed. They focus more on papers and presentations than exams


excellent, good professors, plenty of opportunities to network


With the small class sizes at Westminster, your professors will ALWAYS know your name. You are not just a number in an auditorium, you are (insert your name here). My favorite professor on campus is Dr. Judy Rogers. She teaches Human Anatomy, Comparative Anatomy, Human Physiology, and Comparative Physiology. I have had her for my Human Anatomy and Human Physiology classes. The best thing about the anatomy lab is that it is very well equipped. The lab contains 2 cadavers for use by the students to help them better learn about the human body.


All of my teachers know my name and they know everyone elses' names to. You have to never come to class for a teacher to not know your name and even then they will know your name becuase your the kid that never shows up. Its fun learning here. The classes are hard but fun.


The best thing about Westmini is the small school environment. Class are never bigger than 35, even during your freshman year. All of your professors will know you by name and this allows for opportunities such as paid summer research.


It is fantastic


All viewbooks also give the average class sizes and prof:student ratio. What do you believe? I'll tell you in my LE (generals), I had a cap at around 24 for them all, but sometimes closer to 20. For my upper division classes, I have around 6 kids in my class. (I am a math major though...) "Do I have to do my homework?" Unlike in high school where you'll have a quiz on the reading, your professors just expect you to do it. I come to class and the first question is always, what do you guys want to talk about? What were your questions from the reading? Without actually doing the reading, you aren't gonna have any participation, and that's awkward. Class discussions are really guided by the professors but you learn from your classmates.


Good Professors most classes are lecture based with the incorperation of discussions. Free tutoring for almost any class. Professors are very helpful, understanding and personable. Lots of clubs for almost any academic field.


The thing i love about Westminster is how each professor will learn and call you by your name. it is alot more respectful and they will let us call them by there first name as well which i thought was really amazing. students, depending on the time of the week and whether there are tests or finals, spend about 8 hours a week studying. some classes will obviously require more than others though. i love the competitive twist Westminster adds to all the classes. I love the psychology department. the professors are great and i have learned alot


The professors know you by name and are always willing to help. Education is a big deal here, most students are here to do well. Favorite class was indoor climbing, least favorite is biology.


Academic life is very good. the professors care which is a first for college, they want you in class, to succeed, and they want to know the real You. you form some great bonds with teachers.


Since Westminster is a small campus, all of your professors know your name. If they don't know your name, they can at least recognize your face and know how you're doing in the class. Westminster has campus wide goals that promote class discussion. Westminster offers an education that is well-rounded. The academic requirements are a little low, the one thing that could be changed is having a lower incoming freshman class. They are taking over the student living quarters.