Westminster College-Salt Lake City Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


As far as sports go, the only sport we really have is soccer. Other than that, the main thing people here come for is the winter sports scene.


The most popular student activities/groups are events planned by ASWAC (our student association), home sports events, and the ski/snowboard club.


Westminster has alot of social activities available to students. I haven't participated in many because I have been working and going to school. I would suggest to any incoming freshman that they should live on campus and enjoy that time to meet as many people as you can.


Lots of activities that are funded by the school, and they add more each year. If you're open and friendly to as many people as you can, it is not hard to find something to do at all times.


Rule #1: Live on campus. Even if you already live close to the school, the difference between living on campus and living right across the street is HUGE, especially as a freshman. I lived on campus for the first two years of college, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. There are always people around, parties to go to, things to do. Salt Lake is a major urban city, so there are always plenty to do on any given night. At least before 2 in the morning; after that pretty much everything shuts down. This year, I lived less than a block from campus, and while there is still a lot to do and plenty of social opportunities, the feel is a lot different. If you live on campus, you'll never get bored unless you want to. There is no Greek system on campus, although it's possible to join a frat/sorority up at the U if you really want to. In a way, though, that doesn't matter. The student body is connected enough that you always have access to those kind of connections just from the people you know. It's not uncommon for people to be up at 2 in the morning on any day of the week partying or just chilling.


There are many outdoor activies put on through the Westminster Outdoor program. I have been on many trips and they are fairly cheep.The trips I have been on is the Moab kayaking/hiking trip, Mtn timp, snowshoeing, and City of Rocks climbing trip. Westminster also has hikes every Tuesday and outdoor climbing every week for free. It is a great way to meet new people. The climbing coordinator ( Steven Jeffery) is ranked 8th in the world. He is awesome and can help you with climbing.


Most students take part in a club or activity on or off campus. Many students actively participate is a sport or some sort of physical activity as well. Westminster's social life is very prominent. There is always something going on so that any student will have a fun and active social life.


Lots of fun. Plus provocative lectures and educational events


ASWC, there are also great guest speakers that come. The athletic events are popular.


I don't reside on campus, and I am a "non-traditional" student, so my experience differs from the tradtional. Yet, I know that the women's lacrosse team just took 4th in the nation. And there are frequently events on campus. There was a half-pipe ramp set up last year that was awesome. There is a campus garden with fresh produce for the ecologically-aware. Since Westminster is a "wet campus," adults are treated like adults. We can have a glass of wine when we go listen to a brilliant poet read. At the end of a semester, we can have a drink to celebrate our achievements. Because we are treated like adults, students behave more like adults, drinking responsibly when they do consume.


Dorm doors are always open! (this is at least true for Hogle Hall). One of my favorite parts about Westminster for sure. Many outdoor activities to do. Myself and about 10 friends just went to Moab this past weekend. It was awesome. I also got up the mountain about 20+ times this year which was a lot of fun.


I do not live on campus, but I know they always have activities planned most of the days of the week. They have a Honors Society, Student Nurse Society and many other clubs and organizations with which the student can become envolved. They offer many guest speakers throughout the year and their theater is always producing plays and other such entertainment.


There really is not a popular group on campus many students participate in many of them. However, since our school is so small news travels fast and though many may not be active in the group, club or team. Many congratulate you of your achievements by the news spread around campus. I am part of a 3rd year women's lacrosse team and we have been 1st in DII all season, we have verbal support from students, faculty and staff, we we got invited to nationals we again had support from our school and student body. Athletic events are not to popular on campus but we do have attendance to a majority of our teams. This is college, people party, you can find a party every night. Depending on the individual, people may party every weekend to every once a month. Last weekend I was in Arizona on a lacrosse trip playing in the national tournament. There are many things you can do on a weekend that does not involve drinking, you go to dry/wet clubs with friends, go to the movies, hang out with friends in the halls, go camping with friends or the outdoor club, most popular thing is hit a coffee house and hang out. When I am off campus, I am downtown walking around or shopping, in park city, going to the park if it is nice and playing ultimate freesbi, at a coffee shop or going for a drive.


It's really hard to get involved on campus. There are lots of different clubs, but they don't communicate well with the people who would like to join them. We had a chance to sign up for clubs at the very beginning of the year, but never again. That really limits the amount of student invovlement in the clubs. Students leave their doors open often, but I know we are discouraged to do so because of theft. I don't feel comfortable leaving my door open unless I am in my room. Athletic events really don't draw a big crowd at all. That's one thing that I think would be good to change. If the sports events were more fun, more students would show up and it would be a really cool addition to campus activities. The theatre program here is really great. The plays are usually very different in subject matter, and I like that there are 2 or 3 plays a year. I definitely think that students should be able to get at least one ticket free for the performances though. We've had some interesting guest speakers over the past year, but their lectures are usuallly on Wednesday or Thursday nights. Wednesday nights are difficult because many students have homework due the next day. Thursday nights are difficult because a lot of students don't have class on Friday, thus Thursday becomes the new "Friday night." (I'm not sure how you would really change that though). I met most of my closests friends through the Honors program, but I also met others in some of my other classes. If I'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, I'm definitely studying. If it's 2 a.m. on a Thursday or Friday, odds are I'm hanging out with one of my friends in their dorms. I don't think sororities and fraternities are very important to most Westminster students. There are parties just about every weekend, especially at the beginning and end of the year. Most of them are off campus though. One of my biggest complaints is the lack of things to do on campus on the weekends. There is NOTHING to do, and even most of the buildings are closed so there is nowhere to be except for the dorms. I think a lot of students end up going to parties because there are no other options. One of my favorite things is the late night breakfast. It's a really cool, unique idea and students love it. Every time I've been there has been a HUGE turnout.


Westminster is a wet campus, so alcohol is common, but also better regulated. Lectures, theatre events, concerts, movies are well-attended. Dating scene is fun and laid-back. Met friends through classes, clubs, and extracurriculars, because we are right in the city it's a good social scene. Doors in the dorms are definitely open doors in the dorms. 2 am on a tuesday, people are talking, watching movies, having fun, study parties abound.


I am part of the Computer Science Students Association, which is awesome--we meet to play video games and use our tech knowledge to help the campus and the community.


ASWC, i.e. student government, is THE club. Whether you are a member or not you will have to interact with them someday. Athletics could be more popular, but there's almost always free food at the games! When finals come, stop and take time for the 5-minute shoulder massages in the union. We don't have fraternitites/sororities, but we party all the same!


Yes there are parties, and everything else you would expect from a normal college.


There are plenty of lectures and things to keep you busy here. The ASWC also provides many events. Although, with their budget I would think that they could do more. It seems as though most of the events occur at the end of semesters to help you 'destress'. The problem is that people are studying for finals and don't really have all too much time to attend these events. Overall it is pretty good and probably much better than other campus's.


We have a great theatre department - I've been to every one of their productions this year and they're always fantastic and sold out. There's a lot of comedians and guest speakers which generally draw a big crowd. The school holds two casual, themed dances every year that are a blast. I met my best friends either in the Honors program or in my dorm. Late at night there usually isn't much to do on campus unless there's an activity going on (we had a Quidditch tournament one night) but my friends and I usually will hit up the 24 IHOP or the local Dee's restaurant for late night food and studying. There's a lot of 18 and over clubs here, my favorite is Club Sound and has weekly LGBT nights and ladies nights (no cover charge, which is fantastic).


The athletic events are kind of whack. The athletics themselves are fun to watch, but not enough students are interested in going. There are on average less than 50 students there attending events, and we are often outnumbered by parents.


I'm involved in the Nu Che Club and in the Diversity Center. We have trouble recruiting members and getting people to be involved clubs that are identity based.


ASWC plans so many events for us on and off campus its really easy to meet new people and fun in the process. We have had concerts, pizza tastings, ice cream socials, Finals week there is so much stuff to help you relax, and don't forget about the dances!


Westminster strives to create a close knit community with activities that range from, midnight breakfast during finals week, cosmic bowling at the local bowling ally, the infamous Halloween Dance, the annual Rail Jam, and of course welcome week that includes free movies, organized games of capture the flag, and lots of free food. These activities help with students getting to know one another and having a blast together. It is helpful for freshmen to make new friends and get to know the campus and also for upper class students to continue having a great time during their college career.


Westminster has a very friendly environment filled with sports, games, events, and many fun things to do. public transportation is incredibly well run and is very accessible. Any student can go anywhere because our student IDs are also bus passes. We can do anything around town and as I write, my friends are waiting for me to be done so we can go to panda express just down the way. We have amazing speakers that come from all over the world to speak about ecology, entrepreneurship, business, etc.


There are always different activities that are put on through our main group ASWC that organizes events on campus. We have what are called "Wild Wednesdays" that have different activities each week such as taco or pizza testing, comedians, poker night, lectures...


Wacky Wednesday is a popular night on campus for some of the well known events from Comedy nights to the Mr. Westminster Pageant. Stress Less Week is held before finals every semester and is kicked off with Late Night Breakfast at Midnight where they have given away and iPad for the past two. Westminster Dances are a must attend. Sugarhouse neighborhood is a short walk away and filled with restaurants, small shops, and the $1 movie theater.


On a Saturday night we go bowling, karaoke,


The social life and student activities is awesome, one of the most involved campuses you will be on


The school is really good about setting up activities and stuff to do on campus every week. There's always service projects to get involved in, and opportunities to just have some fun between classes.


There are always activities going on. There are signs all over campus and they occur during differnt times on different days so it's not hard to find something to do regardless of your schedule.


Westminster College has tons of student run clubs and organizations and many of them do trips to really cool places. For instance, my Geology Club just went to camp out in Moab and hike up some gorgeous country while looking at fossils of dinosaur tracks. I'm also in the West Coast Swing Club, which is a great place to learn how to dance or come for open dancing and hang out with some great people. There is plenty of room to grow clubs, and students can start their own. The West Coast Swing Club was just started the Spring 2011 semester and is quickly growing to be very popular.


When I lived on campus, I never locked my door. Ever. If I were in my room, my door would be wide open. There is always something happening on campus, and local restaurants and bars are close by for those who want to venture into Salt Lake City. The theater program has a reputation for thoughtful, entertaining, risky performances. The new music program has begun to take off.


The Westminster College Ski & Snowboard Club is a great club to join, especially since you get a discounted seasons pass to some of the best resorts in the country! I lived in the dorms freshman year and it was definitely my favorite part of my college experience. Many of my closest friends from college I met in the dorms freshman year. Everyone in my dorm left their doors open, and would hang out in the common areas. There is always something to do even if you live on campus, and are without a car. Since Westminster is right in the middle of Sugar House it is easy to leave campus to go shopping, out to eat, or just to go hang out in Sugar House Park. On the weekends there is usually some get together going on at someone's house off campus, or a game on campus.


I have had a pretty lousy experience living in the dorms. I only have one friend in my whole building. I'm a pretty social person, but it seems like most of the other freshmen in my building are not. It has been very hard for me to get a sufficient social life here, and I always look forward to the weekend so I can get off campus and visit my girlfriend. There's plenty to do in Salt Lake, but only if you've got friends.


Not too many athletic events but Wild Wednesday activities are fun and free.


There is always something going on and lots of opportunities to volunteer with different organizations. Westminster is always giving back to the community and inviting a variety of guest speakers on campus every year. We have traditions each year like the midnight breakfast during finals, outdoor rec programs and much more! People can definately party if they want to and there's always something going on in the dorms and at the student center.


I'm not part of any clubs or teams but theres always something going on around campus whether its a guest speaker or a play or a recreation trip


theres many clubs, speakers, theater, comedians, musicians


Westmini has the only wet campus in Utah. This means that compared to the rest of the local environment we can seem like we party hard. This is true in some degree, but I don't think we party harder than most colleges. I think it just seems that way because of the state's conservative atmosphere.


Just about any day of the week there is a party to be found.


I would definitely categorize a lot of the school, especially out-of-staters, as skiers. Why not? The mountains are fantastic. Maybe it's also because I am one. It's easy to find rides to the mountains and super fun. Hav e most of my close friends because of this. The res halls are cool, I'd prefer Carleson or Hogle over the upperclassmen ones anyday, since you have an entire floor to be your friends and not just your 5 other roommates. Sharing the bathroom isn't that bad and I wouldn't change my freshmen year experience for a single room at all. Yeah, there are definitely parties if you look. You can go to parties and not drink though, too. A lot of kids put ski/snowboarding above most anything, so that's what I spend my weekends doing.


Activities every Wednesday (Wild Wednesday). But there is virtually something going on everyday. Great sense of community on campus. Everyone knows everyone; unless you don't want to.


Most of the students that i know will leave there doors open or atleast unlocked because there is a very good level of trust throughout Westminster. athletic events i have never attended but i know some are very popular. i met my closest friends by meeting everyone on my floor the first day and just opening our door to everyone. if im awake at 2am on a Tuesday im studying for finals. or a test the next day. there are TONS of things to do on saturday night around salt lake.


Activities every week and tons of ways to get involved. A lot of clubs accepted. Athletics are big as well as dances. Tons of stuff going on in the neighborhood also.


Social life is so much fun, there is always something to do and everyone is always welcome. weither it be going into another kids room at 3am because no one can sleep and watching a movie or messing around, or going out to a party, dancing, or just having fun. theres always something fun to dow ith friends. its really easy to meet people here since everyone is so welcoming and caring


The most popular teams on campus would be the basketball teams and lacrosse teams, all four teams (men's and women's) are all highly-ranked nationally. It is easy to get involved in any group or club on campus, there is always one that fits your needs. If there isn't, then you can create one easily. On the social scene, a majority of students drink. There is always a party to go to on a friday or saturday night within walking distance of campus.


Westminster offers a plethora of activities and groups for students. They usually have something every week for students to get involved in volunteering in the community as well as events to get involved with each other. Game nights are not uncommon, as well as free movie nights and in the winter setting up grind poles to use snowboards and skis on as a competition.


Many excellent seminars and guest speakers that most classes push you to attend. ASWC has many fun and interactive events. Fraternities/sorortities don't exist. Most people who live on campus find things to do at 2am, but if you live off campus, you are at home typically either studying or sleeping. Most upper classmen socialize with people off campus but they are usually the same people they met on campus freshman year.


There are lots of groups and clubs on campus. The school is very much into sports.