Westminster College-Salt Lake City Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst part is probably the size. It has its positives and negatives. The good thing about the size of this school is there's a lot of one on one time and you won't ever be lost in class because the teacher and students know you by name and care for you. The bad part of it being so small is it's kind of like high school again. Everyone knows everyone and it's hard to branch out and meet new people.


The worst thing about Westminster is we do not have a football team, I am a huge sports fanatic and it kills me not to have a team to cheer for. That's the only thing I see as a downer about Westminster.


The price of tuition is very expensive.


this is a private college meaning that the tuition can be much higher then other institutions around and that makes it really hard sometimes becuase I have to make sure to work as many hours as possible each week in order to pay for my education


The worst thing about my school is the high tuition cost. The school does not help much with the kids who are greatly in need of financial help. I recently went in to the financial office for some advice on what do to with my current money situation and the financial office was not helpful and did not show in compasion for my situation at all. I felt as if I were very alone in this matter.


The worst thing about our school is its budget, and how they start too many projects that are unrealistic when it comes to their budget. Right now we are building a new science building and a common ground area. Only the science building was budget and they still went over.


The worst thing about this school is scheduling. When you go in as a freshman it is important to make a map of what classes you are going to take and what sememster you will take them. Do not rely on anyone else to make this schedule for you, expecially the START Center. They will do it wrong. I have lots of friends that messed their schedule up because they relied on the college to give them good information. Also scholarships are limited. The school does not give you as much as they say they will.


The worst thing about my school is that they only have one eating facility and it closes when ever it wants, which leaves a lot of kids going hungry. I would make a nother cafeteria or lengthen the cafeterias hours.


Sometimes I feel like some of the people are a little stuck up that go here, but mostly everyone is friends. It's a small enough community that everyone has intersecting friend circles.


The size because everyone already knows eachother and if you are not active in a sports team then it is usually hard to make friends.


It's a private school, so most people assume if you go to Westminster, you're rich. So for me, the worst part is being stereotyped as a rich snob.


It is too liberal for my taste.


In my opinion I do not like the type of students that attend Westminster. It is almost as if they do not care about their education and just go because daddy is paying for their college. They are anti social, most do not even get ready for class.


The administration will definitely give you the run-around when it comes to how the school works, "hidden" fees and deadlines, poorly planned events, etc. I have gotten emails for deadlines for something administrative 3 hours away. When I try to get more information about something or ask why somethig is the way it is, I get my email or question forwarded around campus just to get a nonsensical answer or basically that noone cares enough about me. No wonder not many alumns give back .


Recently they have been focusing all of their energy on recruiting as many new freshmen as possible. As a result the upperclassmen feel as if the college doesn?t care about them anymore.


The meal plan. It is a small school so not much variety.


the cost I feel keeps going up and I feel traped, almost like i was tricked into something. I was told I would never pay more then ten grand a year I know have a $1500 payment each month. Sometimes it's hard to walk from one building to another with out seeing someone you know, like a small town, everyone knows everyone.


I think the lack of public transportation that comes by Westminster is a problem. I am an aviation student and I think the students could work together with Westminster to find ways in which to get transportation from the college to the airport for flight blocks. If I rode the public bus it would take me an hour and a half! If we had an alternate mode of transportation we could easily save not only money but the environment as well!