Westminster College-Salt Lake City Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


For what I want to do with my life, I think Westminster was definitely the right choice. I love the size of the campus, my financial aid was generous, and though I've had trouble covering the rest, I do feel that it's worth it.


Westminster College seems great in the brocures, website, and anything else you may see. However, once you get here, you realize they really downplayed how great it actually is. The school is located in a phenomenal location. Fun coffe shops, stores, parks, etc. Ten minute bus ride away from Downtown. Or fifteen minutes away from world-class ski resorts and an international airport. The school is the perfect size. Small enough to see a person you know everytime you trech across our campus, but large enough to meet someone new every day. We are one of the few colleges or universities in the world to have a castle, a "cemetary," and even our own quidditch tournament. Everyone on campus, from a staff member or professor, all the way up to the President himself is accesible to every student or individual. Everyone makes it a point to create a truly unique environment for learning, and at Westminster College, it truly is.


Westminster's campus size is perfect. I wouldn't want it smaller and I wouldn't want it larger. Also another thing because of the size everyone feels at home. I also think there is a lot of school pride among its current students and alumni.


The best thing about Westminster is the tight community feel, the small class sizes, and the social scene on and off campus.


I love the small campus of Westminster. With class sizes capped at 25 and less than 2500 undergraduate students, I really get a chance to get to know my peers. When I walk through campus, I recognize most of the people I see, even those coming from other majors. That's not an experience you can get in most places. The faculty really cares about the students, and it's easy to get 1:1 meetings set up with them to talk about homework, career plans, or anything else. The student leadership, although they can be a little cliquish in their personal lives, does a great job putting on school-wide events. Overall, it's just a great place to be. I can't imagine being happier on another campus.


Westminster is a great school for the outdoors and the nursing program. The location is perfect for outdoor lovers. Close to the mountains: hiking, mountain biking, skiing,backpacking, and nordic skiing. The nursing progam is very challenging and strict. You learn a lot of material.


Westminster is a perfect school for students looking for small classes, a small campus,and a small student body. Westminster's location is perfect for those who want to live in a city but have nature right at their back door.


Westminster college has an amazing academic environment. The classes are small giving each student a chance to form realationships with their professors. I have had many professors spend time helping me to fully grasp the cours materials and coach me through the difficult parts.


The best thing about Westminster is that it is a community. The professors and adminstration are amazing and always available, and willing to work with students. I think Westminster is just right size wise. Usually when I am on campus I spend most of my time in the awesome Giovale library or in the recently built outdoor student commons area. It's a great place to eat, hang out and do homework. I think Sugarhouse is becoming more of a college town but also Westminster is in the heart of Salt Lake so it is kinda of both a college town and a urban city. There is definitely a lot of school pride and student government puts on a lot of events and there are clubs for everyone.


The professors genuinely care for their students. Classes are small and personal. My largest class was no more than twenty students, with another class as small as five. My favorite part of this school has been working on the literary magazine, Ellipsis. I also love the Poetry Series readings, where visiting poets read their work (wine and cheese are a nice added bonus). Meditating by the creek, practicing Yoga in the studio, or making pottery with the renowned Kay Kusminksi have been among my most memorable experiences. The only issue I have had while attending is the parking. I resolved this by arriving early. I understand there will be a financial charge for parking beginning next year to help combat this issue.


The off campus food is really good if you know where to look! One of the best things about living on campus is how quickly you can get to classes. There is a fair amount of school pride, wish we had more. Some of the events, like Casino night, were awesome. The administration is cool, for the most part, if you stay on the right side of them. The gyms/excercise rooms are awesome. The campus food is too expensive and not that great. I wish they had had a bus to go to Park City for snowboarding/skiing this year.


I feel like the education was extremely valuable and I believe it was the best nursing education I could obtain in Utah. It is not too big nor too small and the students able to approach their professors over any questions they might have. In many instances the students are given their professors home phone numbers and cell phone numbers. The library is a great place to study. There is a stream by the library, which offers a quiet place to study.


Westminster College use to be a perfect size school until recently however, it is still a small school which is why many chose to come here. A lot of others in our community know how well Westminster College does and when you share to them you go there they are impress of your achievement. Westminster College is near a small town known as Sugar House, it has lot of things for college students to do such as, movies, shopping, eating, relaxing, reading,and much more. On Westminster campus we have an outdoor climbing wall that students can use whenever also we have an outdoor volleyball court that is also popular used among students and others surrounding our community. The biggest controversy on campus that usually happens once a year is the student government budget, our school gives out a lot of money to clubs and school events, how the money is distributed is always an issue. Last year our school spent thousands of dollars on a rail jam, many students did not approve of such a event. Another popular issue on campus is parking, with the amount of students we have on campus, students, faculty and staff can not find a parking spot on campus, many students are late to class for this reason for receive tickets for parking on residential streets.


The best thing about Westminster is the community. It's small and friendly and everybody knows everybody. I think the size is just right. One of the frustrating things is that there is NOTHING to do on the weekends. Most of the campus activities are on Wednesday or Thursday nights when people have class and homework. For people that live on campus, the weekends can be extremely boring. (This could also be helped by providing some sort of bus or shuttle into downtown Salt Lake where there is more to do). Most of the time I spend on campus is either in the dorms when its cold, outside when its warm, or in Shaw. There aren't really any places to hang out when it's late though, except for the dorms. And Shaw closes even earlier on the weekends. I really like most of the faculty at Westminster. Almost all of my professors have been extremely helpful and approachable. I think the biggest "controversy" on campus recently has been the tuition increase. I know that upset a lot of people. Not just because they didn't want to spend the extra money, but because they were genuinely concerned about being able to afford going to school here. I think people were even more upset about it because nobody knows what their financial aid for next year will look like, so people can't plan ahead or make a budget. The most frequent student complaints are definitely about the food in Shaw. The food is expensive and it really isn't very good (or healthy) at all. This frustrates a lot of people who have to live on campus because we are required to buy a meal plan, even if we live in a dorm that has a kitchen. The worst part is that Sodexo takes all the remaining money from our meal accounts at the end of the year unless we decide to spend it all on ridiculously over-priced non-pershiable food that we definitely don't need and may not even like. I know there are tons of students who want the food service here to change. I think a lot of people have been trying to do something about it, but it feels like nobody will listen. Even if you go to one of the montly meetings with Cullen Green and the people from Sodexo, it seems as if none of your suggestions are taken seriously or even briefly considered. One of the things Westminster prides itself on is being open to student's ideas and suggestions. If Westminster really wants to claim this then they should start listening to the students complaints and do something to fix it.


Best things about Westminster: professors, campus location, not a college town, located in the city. Lotsa school pride, but students occasionally complain about how the administration handles incoming freshmen. We are marketed as a small school, and we currently are, but we may be growing too quickly.


People are really impressed when I tell them that I'm attending Westminster--it's known as an elite school with great programs.


The best thing about Westminster is its size and the people it attracts; people that want to make a difference in the world. I'd change how disconnected the students are from alumni. Westminster is the Harvard of Utah, when you tell people you go here they're impressed. Also, the education prepares you for life, in its entirty.


Westminster is a pretty small school, but if that is what you are looking for then you are at the right place! Class sizes allow you to connect with your professors on a much more personal level, compared to larger schools


It is a smaller school with more one on one time. So you really get to know your professors and you may learn more due to it.


I love the size of the campus here - I can walk from my dorm room to the other end of campus in seven minutes. You get to know people quickly and the community is generally pretty close. It's easy to get to know faculty and class sizes are small - I don't think I've had a class with more than 25 students in it. The library hours and student union hours are a little bit short, but I think they're working on lengthening them. There's a lot of promotions through Westminster, too - my favorite was a $10 Lagoon day at the beginning of the year with included lunch, best welcome to school day ever.


I think that the size of Westminster College is the best. It is big enough to meet new people every semester, but the class sizes are perfect. You are allowed to have as much one on one time as you need with your professor.


I came to Westminster becauee it was a small school but it is constantly growing and has plans for more growth.


The student body size is really nice, there are not too many people on campus so class sizes are really small, and in each class you find at least one person you relate to on some level, and want to stay friends with forever. The professors are amazing, always wanting to know how you are doing. One of the best things that I think Westminister offers, and is a requirement is the Lerning Community class. This class is the best, you become best friends with those professors and the other students in that class, all while learning. One of the best ideas yet!! Anothing thing that I am really excited for is May Term! One month of fun classes, that count as credit! There are so many cool things that Westminster offers, plus the campus is beautiful, and the chimes on the hour and the songs played at noon and five are one of the coolest things ever!


Westminster is a small school located in Salt Lake City Utah. It is minutes away from countless outdoor activities, but also minutes away from a rather fun night life for all college aged people. It is a school that cares about its students and is always striving to further students positive outlooks on the college. The school provides beneficial services to help freshmen with their first year of college, and academic counseling for sophomores juniors and seniors to discover possible career paths, major decisions, and other information that can help you with your life goals. The common thing that is a worry of most students at Westminster is the cost. Tuition is more expensive than many other schools in the west. But Westminster provides many ways for students to fund their college career through scholarship and work study, but only if students are willing to work hard and take advantage of those resources.


A wealthy school with advanced curriculum, advanced technology, and intellectually advanced students.


The best thing about Westminster is the class sizes. They are what make the students so successful.


Westminster is a small and tight knit college. Campus is small and very safe. There is always something going on and ASWC hosts some really great events. The school as a whole is always looking to improve and change and this keeps things constantly fresh and new.


Best thing about Westminster is the class size


Awesome school overall. The best thing is by far the professors. There are some bad ones, but the good ones are great. The administration is a bit of a mixed bag, but overall it doesn't seem to be going in the direction of taking care of the students. The food options on campus are horrible.


The best thing is knowing everyone, some people say, wow you go to westminster you must be really smart. Most of my time on campus is spent at Shaw, the dining hall.


Westminster is located in such a beautiful area and it's such a nice small school. The faculty and staff is easily accessible and there's always things to do on campus.


This school has the perfect class sizes. The largest class I have ever been in at this school consisted of around 25 students. There is so much availability of professors to work on homework and problems outside of class that there is no reason to not take advantage of their help. Everyone here is friendly and willing to help you get the major things taken care of so that you can focus on school.


Westminster is an intimate private school that focuses on student achievement over Nobel prizes. I experienced classes at the state university, and felt like a small drop in the ocean. With the exception of my summer professors, I felt that my learning didn't matter to anyone but me. I became lost socially, academically, and physically (the campus is HUGE!) Westminster is the complete opposite. Professors understand they are only as successful as their students. Class size is right around 20. You become great friends with the other members of your program, and you can walk from one side of the campus to the other in 5 minutes. Yeah, it's more expensive than a public institution, but I feel I am guaranteed a great education. That's worth the extra cost to me.


Coming from a very small town in New Hampshire Westminster College was a perfect fit for me. It was a small school in a big city. Although Westminster is the middle of the Sugar House district, it still feels safe and personal. The class sizes are small, and the teachers encourage their students to succeed and are always willing to help. The campus itself is beautiful, safe, clean and has many areas for students to interact. The cafeteria food is great, and the education is even better. I have received many positive reactions from employers and peers when I say that I am receiving a degree in Marketing from Westminster College.


In my two semesters at Westminster I have only had phenomenal professors. The professors have all exceeded my expectations by a stretch. I also love the class sizes, which are all very small and allow for plenty of discussion. The only problem I have with Westminster is with the school's administration. I get the vibe that the administration is more focused on getting money from outside donors that it is with the well-being of its students.


Nice small school with excellent professors and a great learning environment.


The best thing about Westminster is the small campus and small class sizes, yet everything you need is still right on campus. The dorms are really nice. The cafeteria food could be improved with some more variety, but I do notice that they're added more things recently. The faculty is awesome and easy to get in touch with if you need help of academic advice. Campus is close to many restaurants and businesses in a nice part of town, and within walking distance to a great park.


The thing I like most about westminny is the class sizes. I know all of my professors on a first name basis and it's easy to get help from them outside of class.


great learning environment, nightlife kinda sucks, great if you are looking to explore the outdoors and go on adventures


The westminster campus has TONS of green space. There are many places on campus you can go and relax in nature. On average, there are only 2500-3000 students enrolled in the school, so class sizes are very small. The most amount of students I have had in any of my classes was 24 students. This allows the students to receive more attention from the professors.


Westmisnter is a very small campus of about 3000 students. The campus is also small. Classes are small too but thats is what makes this school great. Small classes to get more involved with learning.


The best thing about Westmini is the small school environment. Class are never bigger than 35, even during your freshman year. All of your professors will know you by name and this allows for opportunities such as paid summer research.


Its a great school, small class sizes and actual relationships with teachers make it a great learning environment.


Westminster is great! I love the small classes and the fact that professors really know your name. I know all viewbooks say that, but here it's really true, and if you don't show up to class......your professor will know. Not to mention, Salt Lake is a big city so there is plenty to do around here.


A very small school with a welcoming and homy atmoshphere. Lot's of outdoors activities while still being close to the city. Sugarhouse area is a very cool place to live at. Overall a fun environent.


The best thing about Westminster is the Faculty. they are very supportive and are willing to help you in anyway they can. i feel that one thing that need to be changed is the amount of parking. it is very hard to find parking when the school is busy and sometimes can make you late for class. Most of the time i spend in my dorm with all my roommates it is a nice peaceful place to be. the most complaints come from the food. its not the best but all things considered its pretty good.


The best thing is the people you will meet. Just the right size, challenging but rewarding classes. Lots of fun activities. Politics and debate common in liberal courses. School pride is moderate. Basketball games are huge.


The school is amazing. the size is perfect where anyone can walk around campus and be comfortable and wave and say "hey" to fellow classmates. Everyone is welcoming, nice, funny, and so different. half the students on campus are from out of state and has different backgrounds and stories so it makes the campus a ton of fun.


The best thing about Westminster is the small campus. You can walk from one side to the other in 10 minutes or less. Everyone is relly friendly, students and faculty. While we do have a small campus, there is a lot of diversity and opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activites.


Westminster offers great opportunities for students to get involved in school life, as well as in the lives of the community. They host events for students like free movies night or video game tournaments with prizes to help students meet other students. It is an excellent college.