Westminster College-Salt Lake City Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone looking to recieve a truly hands on, personal approach to education. It is a Liberal arts school, so it is fairly small, but that in turn helps build much more of a community, and helps you to form much more personal and long lasting friendships. I reccomend Westminster College to most anybody looking to gain a truly informative and genuine education in the liberal arts, among other fields, with truly amazing programs.


A serious, professional student. It is more expensive than the traditional university but by paying more you are getting more. Work hard, get good grades, do networking and you'll have a good job right after college.


Persons attending this school should be prepared to accept challenges with enthusiasm and should come equipped to explore opportunities for personal, social, and academic growth. Those eager to foster new friendships, while working to enhance the campus community, the surrounding neighborhood, and even the nearby city center would also find a comfortable fit here. Hard-working, fun-loving visionaries would have a chance to shine in this setting where an eclectic group of forward-thinking scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, and others regularly pool their resources to motivate one another while creating an exceptionally inspirational atmosphere.


The type of people at Westminster College are those who seek to become very involved in their school and its surroundings. You become close to all your teachers on a first name basis and you become very involved in your community. Small class sizes and a unique campus provide excellent learning tools for students. You feel like part of a large family, not a number in a database. Active students who want to do well and make a difference in the world around them will do very well here at Westminster College.


As with every college, this college takes the right kind of person to appreciate what it has to offer. This college is geared for students who are looking for a small intimate group of liberal thinking students and teachers. I think there is a fair balance between social life and academics. I never feel overwhelmed by my amounts of homework but I do feel challenged. The college and the surrounding area has a lot to offer the students here. I think someone who is looking for a challenging, fun, intimate, exciting, personal environment would be the perfect candidate for Westminster.