Westminster College-Salt Lake City Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Students can elect to double major, but can't get two degrees. Students may choose more than one major, in which one leads to a B.A., and another leads to a B.S., but will receive only one degree. The first-listed major on the graduation application determines the degree awarded. I wish I would've known this because at one point I was interested in double majoring in Spanish (B.A.) and Environmental Science (B.S.), but I would only recieve one official degree, which doesn't seem worth the extra work.


Start making connections immediately. Conections are second most important part of college besides your education.


Only that I had known about it before now! The quality of education I am receiving at Westminster is miles ahead of other intuitions I have attended. There are three things that continue to impress me -- there is always a parking spot available, every staff member on campus seems to care about my success, and the Professors know who I am and care about my success.


I wish I would have known to get involved on campus as much as possible. It's a great way to make friends and get those connections you will need post graduation. The more people you know, the more friends you have, social you will be, activities you can attend, and people you can meet in a professional setting.


I wish I would have known how much easier it is to live on campus, because I am a two hour public transit ride from campus, so it is very difficult to preticipate in college social gatherings as they usually begin late at night.


I wish I had known more places to apply for scholarships. This year has been a bit hard because my Founder's Scholarship didn't cover everything and Westminster College is very expensive. Having a good list of scholarship sites would have been helpful.


College is a completely different culture. You find yourself in this chaotic frenzy of things going on, things you have to do and large transition from what you know to the clueless. I was always told how different college was but i was independent and didn’t need support in high school to do well so I shrugged it off. I was ignorant. The people, the individual cultures, the activities and the experience are incredible and they will change you for life. It is a new world that is unbelievable, be ready to have your eyes opened & your character shifted.


I wish I had known more about my credit hours and how it works in general. I get that there is a certain amount of credit you are allowed to take for certain classes. But I wish I understood how the hours really worked around the credits. If I had known how much time I would be spending in class I would then have been able to plan out my job hours and maybe had found a firm job oppertunity.


I grew up a few blocks from Westminster and wished that I would have known that the school offered so many clubs and organizations. I didn't know that there were so many organizations to join that when I got here I missed out on joining clubs. Now that I know how many they offer I am able to be more involved which really makes for a good experience.


I wish i would have chosen to do better in high school to make it easier for me in college. Academics are very important here. I could have earned scholarships from my academics which would have been very helpful in paying for college. Another thing is i wish i would have put more time in searching for other scholarship opportunities other than what the college offers. It would have taken a lot of stress off my shoulders.


I wish I would have known that getting a job on campus is so hard! Minimum wage does not cut it on for a fulltime student supporting themself!


I wish I had known that the dorms are not sound-proof whatsoever. You can hear through the walls, and that includes outside, just like the person talking was right next to you. It does get kind of obnoxious late at night, and especially on the weekends. Every Friday morning they decide to yardwork at 7 am. It kind of ruins your beauty sleep.


I wish I would have known how people were socially before I came to this school