Westminster College-Salt Lake City Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The overall sense of community and compactedness that the school offers. I learn much more purely when I have an actual relationship with a proffesor, rather than being one of three hundred students in a classroom. The fact that this school genuninley cares for their students, and does anything they can do in their power to help keep their students on track, and on the road to earning a degree. I can honestly admit that it's my dream school, and I am blessed that they sought me out.


The class sizes there are incredible and the fact that the faculty will learn your name and customize the education to be what you need that that time. Most professors there have great office hours and the activites on campus are second to none.


The professors are great and are willing to work with you under any circumstance. They understand that life happens and will work with you every step of the way. The truly want to see you reach your full potential, and want to see you succeed.


In the one semester that I have been at Westminster College I have already found how personable Westminster is! I went to a community college for a while and they never had school dances or some sort of activity every single day. Westminster has these types of things and the teachers are very willing to help with anything you need. They even get to know you on a personable level and are very concerned with you passing and knowing what you are talking about.


Westminster College is focused on each student's individual interests and success. With an 11:1 faculty-to-student ratio, the faculty are not overworked and have time to offer assistance to students when they seek help. By encouraging a uniquely varied student body, Westminster nourishes the promotion of an excellent learning environment.


The best thing about Westminster College is its size. It's a small, tight-knit campus with very small class sizes (the average is around 17). It feels like going to high school. My first day wasn't overwhelming because I knew where to find eveyrthing. Even better, since the student body is so small, the teachers know everyone personally.


I think the best thing about our school is how helpful the professors are and how willing they are to work with you if you need help.


I feel that the best thing about my college is that it has set a goal to create "a unique environment for learning", and they have absolutely succeeded in doing so. The acedemic advisors do an excellent job and the classroom environments are the best I have experienced in all the college institutions that I have been to.


The best thing about Westminster College is that I am receiving a superb education. Rather than sitting in a lecture based classroom for hours on end, I am talked to, not at. My opinion is voiced, and I can debate the opinions of others. I can ask my professors if I am on the right track. I can get help with test preparation, career searches, even scheduling specific to my major. I LOVE my school because it makes resources available to me that ensure the success of my future. At Westminster, I am an individual, not a number.


One of the best things about Westminster College is that there are many opportunities and options to choose from. There are more than 70 Academic Programs to choose from, the student to faculty ratio is 10:1, which allows students to connect with their teachers and classmates more efficiently, they are known for high successful graduation and employment rates and are considered one of America's top schools.


the best thing about my school is that it is small and has small class sizes. You get to know the teachers and other students on a first name basis and students tend to learn better.


Westminster College is a fairly small school and so it has very small class sizes and the professors are very accessible. This helps me significantly both inside the classroom and out. Because I can readily receive help from the professors, I feel I understand the materials covered in class much more thorougly. Additionally, with such small class sizes, professors can devote a greater portion of their time in working individually with students. I'm not just a speck in the crowd. I know my professors and they know me.


The faculty at this school is absolutely phenomenal. I have met some of the most amazing teachers in the world in my own back yard. Rather than simply regurgitating information, the teachers I have had experience with at this school have demonstrated the depths of their intellect in such a way that the rest of the class can't help but participate. Class discussions expand to concepts far beyond the course material, but are not meandering or boring.


I think that the best part about my school is the limited class size. There are only allowed to be around 30 students in each class which gives students the opportunity to get one-on-one help from the professors, and that helps with understanding the material and feeling like a community rather than just a huge university when the professors don't even know anyone's name.


How liberal Westminster is, How easily accessible the teachers are, and how supportive the testing center is for those who have learning disabilities or test anxiety, and how much I am learning compared to other colleges/university students.


The small class sizes, how willing the professors are to help their students, the community of students that help one another


The closeness of the college. Just being on the campus you get to know a lot of different people what with classes, parties, activities, basketball games, etc. It doesn't matter if you don't know anybody when you get here because by the end of the first semester, you feel like you know everyone. Being in the dorms is especially helpful because you get a chance to make best friends rather than just aquantinces.


The teachers are very attentive to the students and there is a lot of individual attention.


The students and the professors.


my school has the right tranning that I need to have for when I get a job as a profesional pilot. There are alot aid to help get though classes if there are problems in a class, most teachers are willing to listen, and help out if they can.


The small class size and individual attention that each student receives from professors, advisors, etc. is the best thing my college offers. It enables a more convenient and in-depth learning process. The small student body also allows for a tighter community where everyone knows almost everyone else. It also makes me feel like I am more valued as a part of this school rather than being one person in a never ending sea of students.