Westmont College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Westmont students are almost unaturally cheerful and kind, and are eager to engage both in the classroom and through enacting social justice within the community.


Most classmates are very friendly and very religous people.


The majority of my classmates are the most genuine, honest, and caring people I have ever met in my life. The friendships I have built in just the first semester are friendships I know I am going to keep for the rest of my life. My friends not only have fun, they can also sit down and have a lengthy, deep conversation. My classmates are from many different backgrounds and states, and it is truly a blessing to see the world through so many people's different perspectives.


Genuienly open to making new friends and being kind.


Westmont students are very friendly, encouraging, supportive, and fun to be around; they also know how to thoroughly engage in an intellectual environment and not just a social one.


Engaged, excited, hard working.


Some more schoarly than others, most fairly dedicated students. Involved in outside activities, social.


Mostly very friendly and enjoy meeting new people. There are a lot of "beautiful people" as students here but no worries if you don't fall into that category, I certainly don't and I got along fine. The staff does an excellant job of choosing first year roommates and there is always someone to make friends with. Most students understand that "different" is something to learn from and don't shy away from different personalities and experiences.


Down to earth for the most part but already well is established in clic groups.


An amazing group of people I feel privileged to have met--intelligent, strong Christians, open minded, friendly, and fun.


Intelligent fun Christians.


kind, considerate, well off.


Westmont students are committed, passionate people who strive to succeed in all that they do but also take time out to encourage one another and give back to the community.


My classmates are very accepting, loving, and mostly outgoing.


My classmates were friendly but sometimes a little too california friendly, not deep enough, and not friendships that would last forever.


Extremely friendly, (usually) very mature, ridiiculously talented, intelligent Christians who not only want to do everything, but it all really means something to them.

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