Westmont College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Westmont is best known for it's beautiful location as well as the rigorous academics.


My school is best known for its small, liberal arts, yet Christian education. Westmont is academically rigorous, with a strong emphasis on a diverse and broad course load in an effort to maximize a student’s potential and to give him or her the best education possible. The college prides itself on having a small student body, which means a low student to faculty ratio as well as more resources available per student.


My school is known for having a wonderful location, small school, great professors. It has a wonderful Kinesiology, Religious Studies, and Musical program. My school is also known for being a great Christian Liberal Arts School as well.


Beautiful campus and surrounding area. One of the top liberal arts christian colleges. Small class sizes, nice students and professors. Safe campus and area!


Well, i would have to say our academics, we have a strong academic program and it is usually a good percentage of graduates who recieve good paying jobs right out of Westmont. Also recently we had a fire on and around campus, and we had a few weeks off of school. During this time our soccer team went on an eight game winning streak which went through the quarterfinals of the national tournament. So i would have to say this was what we were known for during the past few weeks.


Great education. Great professors. Great community. Christian integrated learning. Liberal Arts Education.


Westmont College

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