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People are genuinely friendly and very invested in personal relationships. Most students leave having made life-long friends, and I think this has to do with the fact that it's a Christian college, so people bond on an interpersonal and spiritual level.


Size, sports and spirituality are why I chose Westmont. Westmont has a small student body (about 1,200) which makes for the opportunity for a tight-knit community of students. Despite its small size, they also have a fantastic sports program. I was able to participate on both the basketball and track team, and earned two trips to compete on the national level. Being a dual athlete is unique and can only happen in a small setting. Lastly, Westmont is a Christian school, which was very important to me because of my strong devotion to the Christian faith.


There are only about 1300 students attending, and that makes the class sizes smaller and more intimate. It is easy to connect with my professors. The sense of community is strong, and the students are welcoming and fun. The campus is beautiful and the beach is only a few minutes away. Also, there are lots of scholarships available and financial aid is generous. Everyone is very helpful and willing to give advice and guidance.


Westmont is smaller in size than other schools I considered. As a result of it's small size, it is a close knit community of student scholars. Academics are rigorous, character growth is emphasized and athletics are supported by just about everyone, either as participants or fans.


It's small, community-oriented, and friendly. The faculty all actually care about you as a student and want to see you succeed. They have lots of very valuable resources available for you to take advantage of if you go and seek them out yourself.


VERY friendly, welcoming, and you will become a part of this community quick. Especially for those who truly want to be a part of a small christian community. Your friends here will become your bridesmaid.


community-oriented, small class size, residential campus, close to beach/camping/cities/snow, Christian


Small, Christian, in a small city, very forested.


It's Christian and in Santa Barbara


Some schools are said to be small when they have seven to eight thousand students, well this school only has two thousand students. This is one of the unique traits, possibly the most, of this college. Also the relationships between the professors and the students is strong, when compared to schools with larger number of students. I believe these relationships continue with time because our alumni care deeply for the students who attend the school now, especially the athletic alumni for the present athletics. This college has much to offer and its uniqueness is what captured my eye.


It's actually MORE gorgeous than the pictures show, and that's saying something!

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