Westmont College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The lack of socio-economic, racial, and cultural diversity on campus. Part of this has to do with the fact that there's such a small student body (only about 1200 students), but I still think Westmont could do a better job attracting people from more diverse backgrounds to contribute to a more enriched education for all - both in and out of the classroom.


Westmont, being a private college, has very strict rules. Some which seem to be very unnecessary. Some of these rules include "closed hours", which only allow boys to be in girls halls, and girls to be in boys halls during the hours of 1pm-12am. Also Westmont has an open door policy which does not allow a girl and boy to be in the same room, unless the doors are open. Another frustration is that chapel is a required attendance three times a week, with only twelve allowed absences.


The only thing I could think of is that the school is isolated if you make it so. If you don't reach out to the community around, you can easily be taken into the magical atmosphere where everyone is kind and considerate. If this happens, when you graduate and move on, the people of the world can be rough.


The size


The worst thing about my school is its detachment from the rest of the world. Westmont College is located up in the hills above Santa Barbara, and it is very easy to neglect the current political and economic issues of the world, due to its secluded location. There are only a few building with cable television, so it is not convenient to watch the news. Also, only juniors and seniors are allowed to have cars, so underclassmen find themselves on campus most of the time, unable to travel and gain a more whollistic college experience.


The fact that Westmont College is over fourty thousand dollars per year in tuition usually puts it at the bottom of most peoples' lists, making that the worst thing about the school. Over fifty percent of the current students are receiving financial aid and money is hard to come by with the economy so low right now. But everyone who attends Westmont feels that the education is worth the price being spent.


Too small, news travels fast. at times, Close minded; since it is a Christian school, you are in an environment that is all the same morals. For others to come in, some can be narrow minded.


The price. Its totally worth it, but it is really expensive.


The cost to attend.


The worst thing is probably the lack of ethnic diversity and limited academic departments because of small enrollment. While you will get an awesome education, if you want a fully funded debate team, or political protests you might be dissapointed. (Although I was able to start a debate club with ease)


They way that the faculty and chapel almost forces "community" makes connecting and forming a real sense of community harder to achieve.


The smallness of the school because of research opportunities.


Because of Westmont's unique location, there is a limit on enrollment. This, in addition to its status as a private university, which generally receives no government funding, causes Westmont to reach a glass ceiling financially. Although Westmont handles every situation it comes across with a faith that has always seemed to pull through, the financial limitations keep this great university from reaching its full potential. I consider this aspect the "worst" thing about Westmont because, given the opportunity and funding, it could more routinely update the technology that enables the enhancement of education.


The food is pretty awful. The choices are so limited and the quality of the food is as low as it comes.


The administration. They don't really have the student's best interests in mind, and they mess things up for the students in many ways.


Although Westmont's small size means intimate class sizes and great relationships with faculty, its size also limits the amount of money available for athletic facilities (although multi-million dollar renovations are currently under way) and other, smaller departments like art and theater.


The parking situation, as it is that neither fresh. nor soph. can park on campus on weekdays.

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