Westmont College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A student who is academically strong, excited about learning, and eager to be part of a bigger community would fit right in at Westmont. Westmont also encourages involvement in the community and in extra curricular activities, so a student driven in those areas is the right type of student for Westmont. However, the college is heavily focused on community and acceptance, so almost anyone could find a home in Westmont.


I would encourage anyone that is interested in a broad education, and an incredible community to come to Westmont. The dynamic is incomparable, and enables the student to work in a healthy and spiritually enlightening enviornment with people who love and care about you. I cannot ever remember being happier in my life than I have been this last semester, and it's do to my amazing friends, whom I have come to love like family.


The people who should attend Westmont College should have some sort of a religious background. Being familiar with the Christian faith will help when taking religious study courses. People who are open to new things and ready to learn what the instructors have teach should consider Westmont. I would suggest that people who are looking to come out of their shell and make new friends come to Westmont. The campus is full of extremely nice people who are willing to make deep connections and long lasting friendships. The food isn't that bad eaither, so hungry people are also welcome!


Christians looking for an academically-driven residential community.


I believe Westmont College can be suitable for any student motivated to learn and excel in a challenging academic setting. Being a Christian Liberal Arts college, the majority of Westmont's students are Christian by faith, and are encouraged to grow both academically and spiritually. Because Westmont is a small school, students become very familiar with one another, and strong relationships are built with students and professors. A person who is looking for a college with a tight-knit, close community may find Westmont College an excellent school with much to offer.


Christian and willing to learn and assimilate into a small closely-knit community


Someone who is willing to work hard, someone who is dedicated to doing something with their life, someone who does not mind the atmosphere of a small school.


Someone serious about learning. The professors are fantastic and someone going to Westmont should definitely take advantage of their extensive knowledge. It's important to work hard academically and really be invested in your major. Also, as a liberal arts school, it is important to want to know how your major and your particular skill set will fit into the world as a whole and how other things relate to what you do.


Someone who values both their Christian faith and a strong education. You don't need to be conservative or know the Bible front to back. People are open and accepting and you can find students across the board on how they view their faith, but there is that common ground of wanting to know more about Christianity. The academics are challenging. There is a social scene to this school, but it's not a "party school".


Anybody who wants to be challenged mentally.


a friendly fun-loving person who loves the beautiful scenery of monticito. Christian fit in best, but not necessarily


someone who is looking to grow spiritually


A person who has a strong faith in Christ. Someone who is devoted to their studies. There are not alot of parties here so if you are a partier this isn't the school for you


Someone who has grown up with a christian background. This school would be a rather large culture shock for someone who is not as exposed to the christian faith. Attending chaple 3 times a week is required, so it is important that this is understood and something the student is ok with.


They type of person who should attend Westmont College is a student who appreciates a close community of people who care about them and hold them accountable. Professors really push you and it takes determination to suceed. A person who thrives in a challenging environment but is also laid back and likes to have fun. The campus is in a wooded area yet the beach is only a few minutes away, so a person who appreciates nature and enjoys spending time outdoors would love Westmont's campus.

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