Westmont College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Westmont is that it provides many leadership opportunities for students on campus. For students to lead students and for students to lead faculty and staff. With so many leadership opportunities available, there is less competition for these positions. Students who would not normally be seen as "leaders" in their community are integrating into the group and respected for their qualities and strenghts that shine while leading. Students and faculty saw potential in me as a freshman and sophomore that I could not see in myself. They pushed me towards expressing my gifts.


The best thing about Westmont is how the professors integrate their faith into their teaching. From Biology to Physics to English and History, the Christian faith is woven in and highlighted in the subject matter. As a woman of faith and an active follower of Jesus, that is an incredible opportunity that Westmont provides. For Christians, Westmont is an ideal location because it has a high level of academics as well as a strong focus on faith.


My favorite thing about my school is the loving and caring community that is built in the dorms and between the upperclassmen. One of the unique things about Westmont is that the upperclassmen actually want to be your friend, and care about your well being. They want you to succeed at Westmont and share their love for the school. I love my school and I'm so excited to be continuing there.


Westmont is a great community for learning and also for developing life skills. The best thing overall is the environment and the people. They are genuine and very dear to my heart. I love the professors and the students- it makes for the perfect combination of socialization and learning! Also, I like how our parties do not involve alcohol and are very safe.


It is a great school that is filled with great people. Everyone is really friendly, and the teachers are much more helpful than they would be if this was a larger school. The Christian atmosphere is very welcoming, and the class sizes are small, so you feel like an important part of the class instead of one among the masses.


The instructors are great. They hold us to high expectations, yet they desire to help us reach those expectations. They make themselves available most of the day...in fact, many of the faculty live on the campus in faculty housing, so they're always around to help.


The best thing about my school are the teachers. The teachers are wonderful-- every teacher who has taught me at Westmont College has been very in-tune about my sucess at school and have made accomodations for my ADHD learning disability. All of the teachers care about their students individually and want the best for them. They have treated me very well at this school and have also given me many opportunities to show my skills and to be myself. They teach students in such a way that is beneficial to everyone.


THe community and christ-like people


There are small class sizes which can sometimes be a better learning environment. There is also a strong sense of community and for the most part people are friendly. Professors are accessible and for the most part very nice people and most of them live very close to campus and might veen invite students over for dinner or discussion for a class. The campus is very small and not hard to find your way around at all!


Close to professors. My courses have always averaged about 15-18 students. This semester I have two courses with six people in each. The classroom experience becomes a discussion with incredible professors and intelligent students. Also, the students are friendly and fun. I've made life long friends both with my peers and alumni in the Santa Barbara area.


Small class sizes and the location.


The learning environment fostered by the care and concern of the teachers, as well as small class size (average 12), and depth of the faculty's knowledge made most classes thoroughly enjoyable and always informative.

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