Westwood College-Denver North Top Questions

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The academic staff truly wants you to succeed. I am in the online program and really got to know my advisor because he would call me weekly just to check in. I really feel like all the staff truly want you to succeed. You are not simply a number to them and that is a huge help for me since I have not been in school in 12 years.


So now, several years down the road I see that Westwood has voluntarily dropped from Regional Candidacy. As I work a second job (nights and weekends) trying to pay for this $50,000+ education that is worthless, trying to stay afloat of this financial hell that this college create, my anger grows. So what did I learn that cost me $50,000 and nothing but grief, financial insecurity and embarrassment? That For-Profit schools like Westwood are out to make money off the backs of those who want to succeed and have dreams by lying and making false promises. They are in it only for the money and will not supply you with an education that will allow you to enter the job market. You will be placed so far into debt that no matter what job you apply for, you will not be able to realistically pay it off timely and if you do get a degree from them, it is better used as toilet paper. I was duped and feel like I’ve been made a fool by attending this joke of a college. Yes, I am trying to pay off this bogus debt. I have been in the IT business for over 20 years, hold certifications in Cisco, Microsoft and database administration, all obtained prior to Westwood. Some people have hobbies, collecting coins, boating, needle-point. Starting today, my hobby will be to go online at least once a week, visit as many websites as I can and spread the word on what this school did to me, financially and emotionally, and of those that graduated from Westwood with me that I am still in contact with, here is a list of their current positions as of today: Manager KFC, Walmart Clerk, Homeless and Unemployed, Clerk 7-11, Student (went to a real college to start over) No one who graduated with me was able to work in their field of study and failed to keep their promise of job assistance.


Great invovment of the teachers. Offered curriculum I wanted.


the teachers. they are very well educated not only through schooling but also in the work force. ive looked at many different schools and i have found that the teachers at westwood are far more educated and they show that everyday in their lectures and they are very willing to sit down and help. I myself have a little of a learning issue. Im hands on learning and the teachers help with that.


The most uniqueness of my school compared to others, in which I consider excellent is the convenience of doing the work online and having the ability to do distance learning any where I travel. I am still able to do my work at home and as I move around.