Westwood College-Denver North Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


After searching around, hoping to get into a bachelor’s program where I could move into management, I was contacted by a Westwood representative by the name of Ben who told me nothing but lies and mislead me during the application process. Yes, at the time, they were seeking Regional Accreditation. They had their ACICS accreditation but I was told by the recruiter that they were way past the point of candidacy and it would be only a short time before they were Regionally accredited. False promises, lies about their accreditation and several years later, I graduated. Took my degree to my current employer and after HR review, they explained to me since they do not have Regional accreditation, I was out of luck and could not be considered for management. My employer would not even allow me to apply for educationally assistance or reimbursement because this “college” was not a valid institution.