Westwood College-Denver North Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Dealing with finanacial aid and getting the run around from them each year about tax forms. They are unorganized, unprofessional, and don't follow up on promisses made, or help with any research for additional funding.


The most frustrating thing I have found was trying to do my classes online and the teacher assigned a project to do with a group. Half the group would participate while the other half barely gave any input to the assignment. They were given full credit for the assignment but I do not feel they should have received but maybe half credit or no credit at all. They were not dedicated to the subject or the class like the rest of us.


The most frustrating Part of my school I would have to say is the enrollment and financial part of the whole process it?s a lengthy process and on top of that I still have to hope I can find enough funds to fill that gap for my education so I don?t work myself to death trying to get into college.


It is incredibly frustrating trying to remember all my passwords and which portal is for what purpose.


Not understanding the class work when it is posted and the student has to interpret the read or meaning. I also think it is unfair to receive a felling grade on incomplete or incorrect work due to this misunderstanding.