Westwood College-Denver North Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The support from all the facilty is the best thing in my book. i have recently gone through medical problems and had been in and out of class but they have worked with me and done eveything they possibly could to help get me through.


I am going to college on-line. I can work full time and go to college full time. I have time for both. Race, color, or religion doesn't matter because we are all equal on line.


The best thing about my school is being able to attend classes while in my home. I need the flexiability because I am a single mother of two, working full-time with two kids in school. I need to be available for them. With going to school online, I can meet the goals for both me and my children.


Redstone College offers a hands on approach to learning. Redstone graduates more airframe and powerplant technicians than any other college in the United States. The instructors are all very experienced and knowledgeable in a wide range of fields within the aviation industry.