Westwood College-Inland Empire Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


There is no specific type of person who should attend Westwood but what i do believe is that a person that is intrested in attending the school should have the drive to learn because at Westwood there are a variety of degrees avalible ,and i also do believe that education does not have an age requirement just be prepared to decicate a lot of time into earning your degree.


Hard working students with open minds and a passion for knowledge should attend this school. Also they should be students who are willing to get involved.


A person who is serious about their education and wanting to be something better than just a mere dot on the page. That Is who I would say should attend the school. Anyone who has themselves together and want something much better than just a minimum wage job or position that is someone who know's the cost of living is getting higher and higher by the minute. Someone who is tired of just getting by on the minimum wage jobs and or positon's and they need and want better for themselves and families they should attend the school.