Westwood College-River Oaks Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


its not as easy and fun as everyone say it is


i seen that time or technology waits for no man and i have seen alot of both fly right pass me now it is time to catch up and get my career started for me and especially my still growing family


A sense of accomplishment that I haven't felt from anything else that I have done. I am a freshman in college but I am ready for whatever is in store for me. It is very valuable to attend college, because it mean you are ready to make the next step in your life. Also you are trying to make you have a good future by getting a major follow by a job.


I have gotten out of my college experience that, everything isn't going to be handed to you. you have to work hard for what you want which is a DEGREE!!!!


Life teaches you numerous things, some are major and some are minor. Many life lessons are learned while you make the transition from high school student to college student. If I could travel back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, one thing I would tell myself is to work hard and have dedication towards my profession because if you are not dedicated to what you are trying to achieve, it will ultimately lead to questioning why one chooses to go to college. With the cost of pursuing higher education at its peak, that is not something anyone would want. Furthermore, there are many things that could tempt you away from your goals such as parties and other various activities. While these are ways to lessen the stress of college, they should not interfere with what you came there to do. You attend college to obtain higher education; a little down time partying is understandable but do not go overboard. Finally and most importantly, stay focused. Life is hard and making transitions can be difficult, so this is advice to my senior self.

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