Wharton County Junior College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I should have taken both the ACT and SAT.


Now knowing about college life and the transition, I would advise myself to never lose sight of my dream just because of the hardships that come with life. With life comes obstacles and it's up to you to make the most of what you go through. Whether something good or bad happens, it's up to you to handle the situation that is at your hands. Never lose optimisim no matter how hard things may seem. Putting in your best effort through the worst is the best you can do, and you can only hope for the better. Sometimes, you may even be surprised of the good things that come out of the worst case scenarios. And once you accept the hardships, you can to be true to yourself. From there, you will be able to know what needs to be done. Keep a clear mind, heart, and eyes.


I would tell my 17-year-old self that going to junior college is nothing to look down on and that it will help me in the long run. I would also say that I really need to stop procrastinating on anything and everything. Fill out as many scholarship applications as I can and even though I plan to go to a junior college I still need to stay on top of things at all times. And definitely, save more money and do not spend so much on unnecessary things.


Apply for many scholarships while in high school because college is expensive, and books are a pain to pay for. Build up your listening skills; the lectures are long, and everything the professor says is on the test. Learn to write proper essays within a day to get you ready for the homework assignments in english and research papers for other classes. Research papers are essential to almost every core class so practice alot. Be prepared to be responsible for the due date on every assignment because the professor won't remind you till the last minute.


the advice i would give myself is before you start any school, know what is accepted of you. when i was in high school i was new here in U.S.A, i did not know that the GPA was given at the end of senior year. when i received it, i was suprised of not only it was calculated by looking at the whole senior students; but also i had no idea of what it meant in general. if i can change that i would have made an effort as i am making now, so i could have a better GPA.


I would definetly talk myself into spending my slacked time reading the textbooks provided for me during my year in high school. As I entered college, I saw how reading and studying the textbooks are extremely important as it is key into passing the course. Since I was disinterested in reading during high school I am having an extremely hard time opening up and studying the textbooks required in college. Most importantly I would talk to myself into applying for scholarships. I was ignorant about the extreme expensives of college and if I had spent my senior year applying for scholarships, I could have relieved my father's tight budget.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself, I would say to focus and not waste too much time because time goes by fast. There are so many colleges to choose from that it takes time to choose the best one for you, so dont waste time on deciding where to go. There are so many places with different environments and people. There are many careers to choose from so pick one that you are most comfortable with. College life is not as easy as high school was. You have to work hard and always try your best.


I would advice myself as a high school senior that there are no rosy paths free of thorns. No career will present a straight and narrow path to follow. There will be junctions in all roads I travel and that I must make a decision at each junction. I may not know where the other road would have led, so I should always forge ahead on the chosen path without looking back. Where I've been is not nearly as important as where I'm going. The next thing that I would advice myself is to do things that I normally would not. This is tip number one. But I mean more than just going to a sporting event. I mean to sit at a different table at lunch and introduce yourself to classmates I have never talked. To get involved in clubs I have never held any interest in before, and to make sure to partake in Senior Skip Day. Mix with the underclassmen. Be friendly and adventurous. I now understand that whatever I did in my senior year of high school is something to remember forever. I now understand that Senior year is full of anticipation for success.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a hight school senior I would tell myself that the future holds nothing but possibilities. Nothing should ever get in the way of what you believe in or what you want to do with your life. Happiness should come first. Decide what you want to do with your life. With strong motivation nothing could ever stop that drive to become what you want to do. If something comes on as hard and you think it is impossible to accomplish just say to yourself, "this too shall pass." There's always time to have fun and go out with friends and party just know that having a good education will help you accomplish more possiblilities than you can ever imagine. The transition from high school to college is different. The meaning of different is that you have more responsibilites. No slacking off! Slacking off only brings trouble. A drop in your GPA can cause a downfall for the acceptance from your dream college. A good advice is when you first get your notes or lectures from your teacher take about thirty minutes a day studying!!! You will succeed!


Even though I am very proud of myself and my accomplishments that I have acheived in high school, there is one major piece of advice I would go back and tell myself. I would tell myself to stay as focused as you can on school work. Even with one achieving accomplishments you should always strive for more. While I maintained a gpa of 3.2, continued to play two sports, and worked a part time job, I know i could have pushed myself for better grades. I developed the common case of "senioritis". Knowing now what I should have done helps me achieve my college goals now, in college. I focus on all work I do so that when I am done with it I wont feel the need to go back and give myself advice. With my new sense of striving for more I feel many more accomplishments coming my way.


i would tell myself not to slack off and high school is just a tool to get you ready for college and if you think highschool is hard just wait untill college because the teacher are not as nice . please take your classes serious as if you paid for them.if you do all this college should be as easy as high school . and apply to every scholarship you can and apply to school early so you can sign up to classes that have nicer teachers.


I would say to myself find a group of honest friends that you can trust and study with and don't worry about what everybody else is thinking about you and how you handle things. Also if i did happen to get a job make, i would get a part-time job and get more organized and tell myself not to get lazy and get out there and make as many friends (good friends) and just focus on my work and set a special time to have fun and go to parties. I would also tell myself to take advantage of all the library time that i could get.


I would assure myself that Kerr Highschool was the best college preparation possible, and that everything at Kerr was better than it ever could be, in terms of quality of educators and material presentation. There has been no college course better prepared than Kerr, nor any teacher better than there was, or even close to their level. It's cake.


If I was given the oppurtunity to go back in time and visit my high school self, I would definitely tell my younger self to take as many college credit in high school, enabling me to run through college faster and saving me money. I would also adamantly tell myself that applying for scholarships is of great importance, as they will help pay for school, and applying for FAFSA is just as important. Regarding college classes, I would advise myself that college classes are not high school classes. What I mean by that is in high school, I was able to breeze through all my classes and earn at least a B in all classes, whereas college classes require you to critically think about what is being discussed. Concerning the social atmosphere of college life, I'd tell myself that I should not worry about going to a college where my friends are and just focus on a college best suited for me, because college students are extremely friendly and approachable. The final piece of advice I would offer myself, no matter how cliched, is that hard work and being yourself is the best way to get through college.


Some advice i would give myself is to always listen to your teacher because you never know what your going to need to know for college.


I would have told myself to go back even further in high school and take some courses to exempt myself from the classes I would be taking in college.


I would go back and tell myself that although this first year at a community college is going to be extremely easy you still need to put forth major effort to build good habits for the university life. I would have told myself that I need to try my hardest to soak up every little bit of information so that I can apply it tenfold upon transferring to a bigger school the year after.


College is a place to start fresh after high school and make something of yourself for your future. Also, it is a place to rediscover yourself and to plan what you need to do with the rest of your life. More than likely, you will find that there are more people out there in the world who share your views and morals, so don't be afraid to meet new people, do new things, or make new friends. It is important that for every hour you spend in a class, you should spend at least two hours outside of that class studying and going over notes for that specific class. Of course, it is natural to be nervous considering that you are molding yourself and your future career, but anything can be overcome with determination and believing in oneself to do the best that they can with what they are given. It is up to you to make a difference with your life, so get out there and do it! No one said that life is ever supposed to be easy!