Wharton County Junior College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing that I consider about my school is that they help students achieve their Dreams. They are number one school to help community college students succeed (earn degrees, earn certificates or transfer to other institutions to continue their studies). They are particularly concerned about student success, and have faced the most significant barriers to success, including low-income students and students of color. My school also participate in college research at community colleges; public policy work; and outreach to communities, businesses and the public. My school initiative also includes advocating public policies such as policies to improve states.


I consider the best thing about my school is the teachers go out of their way to make sure that all the students pass, they hold study sessions and the class sizes are small and easy to work with and comfortable to be in and everybody is almost on the same level.


The best thing about the school is that there is a large variety of classes that are available for online, and that you are not required to attend an on campus orientation, like some schools, before taking online courses.