Wheaton College-Norton Top Questions

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It has small class sizes and it isn't in the city.


Writing creatively is a huge part of my life, both as a hobby and a potential career. When searching for colleges, one of my top priorities was finding a school that offered a major--not just a concentration--in the area. Wheaton, surprisingly, was among the very few that I found. After looking over the courses and discovering that a double major option was available, I knew that I had made the right decision. Besides..Campus felt like home.


Wheaton has the best cafe and the food is great. The location is reserved and the people are friendly. The campus in safe .


Wheaton College, at the time, was all women. This was a wonderful experience for me as I was very shy at the time and it helped me to just be among women and develop friendships and self-esteem that has lasted a life time.




It's very prestigious, selective, and it really encourages students to create their own areas of study and research


It's close to Boston and Providence, so you get all of the social and economic benefits of two cities.


The size is much smaller than that of the universities I considered, but I believe it has become a positive and not a negative.


It's got a really good feel as far as liberal college students go, very friendly, fun, people.


emphasis on fellowships and individual research. balfour dances are banging.


The extras are great! Wheaton's Global Education Center, Kollett Center and Filene Center are reason enough to go to this school. The study abroad programs are great, and the Global Ed. Center makes it as easy as possible to get abroad. The Kollett Center is for tutoring, deans, and a great study space. During finals and midterms its one of the 24 hour study spaces that Wheaton makes available. The Filence center is the best of all. They help with internships, with job searches, resume and cover letter writing. They help make your Wheaton education translate to something that employer's want. In addition, they will help out Wheaton alum's, not just current Wheaton students. Proof that Wheaton lasts beyond graduation.


Join the Rugby team. It made all the difference in the world to me at Wheaton. :) or at least join something. (preferably something you like doing)




If you choose to come to Wheaton be willing to want to make Wheaton policy more a reflection of the students and not the administration. The past few years the alcohol/drug policy have been getting harsher. Best plans when your on campus are to be as clever as possible, have a knock that people know its your friends, go to woods to smoke, avoid large crowds in small dorms.


Wheaton needs to admit smarter men (and more of them!!), have more activities on campus in general, a place where students can go for coffee at night or just to hang out (the lyons den does not cut it-no students go there, and the loft is great, but there should also be another place as well)


Wheaton is awesome school, and I, as well as many of my friends, am having an amazing time there. I do know many people who do not enjoy the Wheaton. To enjoy Wheaton, you must be willing to put forth the effort to get involved. Be social, keep your door open those first few days to get to know your floor mates and other people in your dorm, join in a game of ultimate frisbee--I've met most of my friends that way, join clubs, and find a campus job where you get to meet people--information desk or the Lyon's Den. If you get active and involved, people will always be inviting you to parties, house dinners, camping trips, and rock climbing trips. It then become a challenge of finding the time to study. If you want to go to a college that just hands you a social life, Wheaton is not that place for you. Wheaton is like the real world and in order to enjoy yourself, you might have to do a little work.


The alcohol policy is ridiculous, if someone is in trouble kids don't call 911 because if they did all parties involved would be in a lot of trouble. This is a situation I and many of my friends have been in, someone needed help and almost died of alcohol poisoning my friend did not call 911 because the person in trouble already had a level three (the highest level that you can receive before getting kicked off campus) and would have gotten kicked off campus her freshman year, luckily and everything turned out to be OK.


i like my school alot. i didnt expect to, i expected to transfer before i even got there. if youre worried about the party scene.. dont worry. there IS one.


I feel like with Wheaton that I always started with the wrong attitude, what with the first college trip, the overnight, and even my acceptance in January. Though I thought with each of these situations that I was initially going to hate it, every one of these turned out wonderful. The tour was great, the overnight spectacular, and the coming in January was splendid. I mean I got to spend my first semester of freshmen year studying in London through NYU and all my classes counted for Wheaton credits.


public safety is too strict. care more about writing up kids then the well being of them. there is no AC in the dorms and no cable...food is not that great at all.


All I can say is avoid the deans in Academic Advising, they are bad people and have hurt so many students. They should be fired for this, but Wheaton administration does not listen enough to students. That is one thing that needs to be greatly improved; if Wheaton students make a request, that request should be fulfilled, and students, rather than ratings, should be put first. That means that if a student is treated unfairly, that administrator should be punished and their opinion should come second to the student's opinion. After all, WE are the reason the school is there and it is our money going towards the school.


No cable in dorm rooms!