Wheaton College-Norton Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person who shouldn't attend Wheaton is the student who wants a religious community or religious based curriculum. Also, a student athlete who is opposed to having a wet-season during season. The last type of student who shouldn't attend Wheaton is one who wants a college town feel or to be in a city because Norton cannot offer that.


Any person who is close-minded to new experiences and people. Wheaton cultivates an atmosphere of diversity. Diversity exists in every facet of the school, both academically and socially. In order to enjoy your time and reach the full potential of what Wheaton can offer, a person must be open to trying new things. I've seen many students who were stuck in their biases and didn't enjoy the school at all. By remaining open and understanding of practices other than your own you will get more out of Wheaton, both in the classroom and socially.


Someone who doesn't care about education and wants college strictly as a social experience. Someone looking for greek life, or a tremendous amount of huge parties. Someone who needs to go to school right in the middle of a city or large town with no commute time, or someone who doesn't want to be recognized by almost every student and professor.


A student that prefers indirect professor/student contact and large classes. A student that is not willing to change their ideas or rather accept the diverse ideas that exist in the community of the college. A student that is not motivated to do much or to find an interest. A student that does not consider a strong social connection to be part of a learning experience much greater than that of the classroom.


Wheaton College is a wonderful school for students who want to explore many different interests. Students who want to be challenged in their studies should attend this school.


A person who likes a really big city, and a really big campus. Wheaton is small, you got to enjoy that.