Wheaton College-Norton Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Because class sizes are small and professors cap the classes at a certain number of students you often have to try multiple times to get into a class.


The most frustrating thing about Wheaton is the food. Everyone has the same unlimited meal plan and there is at least one dining hall open from 7am to 12am everyday, as well as an on-campus pub open till 2am every night. The frustrating part is that the food options aren't very good/ very considerate to those with food restrictions (i.e. vegetarian or gluten-free options).


the course selection and housing selection processes lack of racial diversity too many loans and not enought grants


The most frustrating thing about Wheaton is that there are endless opportunities to participate in academic, athletic, and club activities but students must be proactive in creating them. For the most part, students create the activities they want to happen on campus and thus being involved in campus life is often time consuming. It is hard to balance work and play for many students-- some working too much and some playing too much. But overall, options are presented for those who choose to take them.