Wheaton College-Wheaton Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Wheaton is a Christian liberal arts school that offers an intense education and requires that students take many classes covering a broad range of subjects.


A Christian liberal arts college seeking to empower its students to live lives that honor Christ and touch humanity.


Wheaton College is a place where no one is perfect, but most people are trying to learn something to open their mind and hearts to other cultures and important global and national issues.


Wheaton College is a Christian liberal arts institution, that is acedemically rigurous, and has exellent food!


Wheaton is a college that builds a loving community that follows Christ to reach a world that they believe is otherwise lost without him through higher education in all areas of life.


Wheaton College is a small, top-notch, Christian, liberal arts school where passionate and bright students and faculty work steadfastly "For Christ and His Kingdom."


Amazing education, wonderfully wholesome environment, very judgemental student body.


A conservative, tight community that is focused on turning out excellent students.


It can be fun when you get involved in things. It is definitly a conservative school, but you can have fun without getting wasted all the time.


It is a healthy and challenging place to learn and grow.


A great place to learn and grow closer to Christ.


Wheaton College grants an education beyond the academic; it emphasizes wholeness of life in the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional.


Wheaton College is a school that strives to be faithful to God and the holy scriptures while pursuing truth in this world and in so doing, developing students into whole people who are equipped to go out into the world to make a difference for the better.


An intentionally christian community which promotes a completely and well rounded education.


This school is a bustling marketplace of ideas which allows students to come together in social harmony and in glorification of our Savior.


Wheaton College is a place where academics and faith are taken very seriously, and the motto "For Christ and His kingdom" is truly lived; however, the understanding of people with different beliefs is sometimes undercut by this, and the social atmosphere definitely suffers.


Wheaton is a great Christian school to attend where I have discovered the joy of learning. Never before have I been so challenged in both my faith and my thinking process. I am truly greatful for the Wheaton experience.


Intense studies and fun, the good kind ; )


It's a small, Christian school that is attempting to become 'revelant' but without substantially changing what it is as an instution. It is not escaping, though it is trying, from the shift of modernity to postmodernity in culture and thought processes of its students. Wheaton would be a better place if they would for some very critical reasoning to take place, and finally, it could move beyond a cycle of treating the side-issues instead of the main ones.