Wheaton College-Wheaton Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


The students are conservative Christians who are obsessive about their studies. Wheaton students are super awkward, especially when it comes to relations with the opposite sex.


Very Type A, smart, snooty


Wheaton is a very prestigious Christian school, and it has a student body with conservative ideologies, and studious and puritanical ways of living.


students are all type A, extremely motivated and very strong and dedicated christians


Type A, perfect, Christian, wholesome, homeschooled, not drunk


Some people think Wheaton students are too strait-laced and concerned with being perfect to have fun.


There is a stereotype that a "Wheaton Bubble" exists where everyone inside the bubble is oblivious to the outside world that is just around the corner. This is the basic everyone is wearing rose-colored glasses stereotype. Other stereotypes include but are not limited to: all the girls are home-schooled and wear dresses everyday, and all guys wear flannel, and there is no social life.


We study too much and work too hard. We are very "A" type personality.


Wheaton students are "type A," overacheivers


We are all Christians Your Christian faith would not be stretched at Wheaton


The classic Wheaton student is thought to be overachieving, over-spiritual, prudish, and white. They are usually type-A people from the suburbs, protestant, and somewhat insulated from the "real world."


everybody has their life figured out you have to find your spouse at Wheaton casual dating is unacceptable everybody is perfect and doesn't screw up


1. Type A personality: Many at Wheaton are used to doing things "right" and doing them the best of any of their peers. 2. Walls are up: Students define otehr students as "picture perfect." No one wants to be seen as weak or hurting and so all act like they're fine. 3. Prudish: No drinking, smoking, or sexual relationships.


Well, they say that if you go to Wheaton (or pretty much any small Christian school), you'll get a "ring by spring or your money back." Wheaton students have a really good reputation in the professional world- it's pretty easy to get a job because we're known for being hard working and responsible. On the other hand, people say that all we do is study, even on the weekends.


Most most Evangelicals who've heard of Wheaton think of it as a 'holy roller' school. They then to feel a pretty strong, 'holier than though' mentality emanating from the place, and frown on a few of the more conservative standards put forward (no drinking or tobacco, closed floors, etc.) At the same time, I've heard many non-Christians say that the Wheaton Alum's they meet in the business world are some of the most quality people; trustworthy, hard workers and phenomenal character. The Evangelical population generally views it as one of the few remaining bastions of conservativism and true Christian higher education.




That we are all frumpy home-school people, That we are all Republican That you cannot have fun at Wheaton That we are all arrogant and stuck up.


Wheaton has the sterotype of being very uptight, rather unforgiving, and relatively strict. The students are characterized as Type-A, driven, and disciplined.


Coming into Wheaton, I think people expect Wheaton students to be studious, politically conservative and multi-talented.


When most people hear about Wheaton, they think of white, suburban, upper-middle class conservative Evangelicals. Most of the headlining news about Wheaton focuses on things that reflect this stereotype- we read in the newspaper in Florida a few years back about how Wheaton finally lifted the ban on dancing, and my grandparents in Florida told me they read an article in the paper about the Wheaton professor who was forced to resign because he got a divorce.


The stereotype Wheaton student is perfect. He or she has a type A personality, is very organized, gets good grades, was at the top of his or her class in high school, is a sincere Christian, involved in discipleship groups, volunteers, and prays a lot.


My impression has been that people assume Wheaton students to be goody-goody, sheltered, and politically conservative


Oh the stereotypes!!! Most people think that EVERY single person at Wheaton is an obsessed with going to church, hollier than thou, perfect Christian. People think that because we go to Wheaton we don't know how to have any fun at all, and that we're these super Christians that have long hair, wear scrunchies, and loooonnggg blue jean skirts. Ugh...


I think that a lot of people think that Wheaton is ridiculously conservative because of the Covenant. I have also heard stereotypes about Wheaton students all getting married during college.


Wheaton students are stereotyped as being conservative, close-minded, perfectionists, overworked, wealthy, fundamentalist, Michael W. Smith-listening, intelligent do-gooders.


Everyone gets married, or so they say. Plus, we're all perfect and know how to play guitar, and are all the rich, evangelical kids who want to change the world. Everything has a spiritual tagline to it, a lesson to learn. And of course *no one* drinks or has sex or does drugs. Also, everyone is personally driven and Type A.


1) That we only have restrictive rules and don't have any fun. 2) We're all perfect people 3) We never never question our Faith, and look down on anyone who does.


Apparently many people are under the impression that Wheaton is some sort of Taliban promoting jihad of the fundamentalist Christians. This could not be further from the truth. Coming from the South, I was surprised to find out how liberal the school was. Don’t get me wrong, in the larger scheme of things it’s still a conservative school. But there is a growing College Democrats club, a Christian Feminists club, multiple environmentalists clubs, and a large racial equality movement on campus. Additionally, many of the faculty in science appear to be quite convinced evolutionists.


Brilliant, goody-two shoes, innocent, terrible at dating relationships


Straight-Laced republicans. Evangelical Christians. Type A, purpose driven, nerdy, cynical, etc.


Wheaton students are stereotypical type a individuals who have everything together. Sometimes it feels like everyone else is living a life as a perfect Christian, passing all of their classes with ease, and somehow finding the time to spend time hanging out with friends everyday.


Everyone is perfect, and pure, and no one ever needs any help unless they really don't belong at Wheaton. They are all expected to be married at the end of their time in college, and yet there is no real niche for dating. It is very hard for people to be themselves and not have their actions judged as not being for the benefit of watching eyes.


Nerds, very religious, don't drink or party at all


We're generally thought of as being really smart and motivated Christians who have our lives figured out and a deeper meaning to live for.


Wheaton students are said to be intelligent, good looking, athletic, and wonderful to be around... in a word, perfect.


I think some people think Wheaton students are sheltered or that there are too many strict rules here to really have fun or have the college experience. Wheaton students have also been accused of being fake and trying to be too perfect.


get married by the time you are a senior and/or graduation race is a hot topic that is very hard to talk about the pressure to be so good at evrything, smart, talented at sports, ect. to know what you want to do for the rest of your life by your freshman year


Common stereotypes are that the students here are perfect, Godly people who always have it all together. They do their homework and devos daily, have an awesome relationship with the Lord, never have to worry about money, have healthy relationships with members of the opposite sex, and are generally happy all the time.


1. You meet your future spouse at Wheaton 2. ... even though finding a date at Wheaton is hard 3. Everyone was at the top of their class in their High School.


Straight-laced, straight-A, hypocritical, OCD, type-A.


The stereotype someone told me after I decided to enroll is that Wheaton students are hyper-conservative, fundamentalist, type-A, workaholic, overachievers who are closed-minded to any authority other than the Bible. Most of them are engaged or in a serious relationship.


The perfectionist, over-achieving, white middle class evangelical kid.


No-fun, conservative prudes.


Type A, midwest Christians that were leaders of their youth groups and schools.


Many other Christian Colleges believe Wheaton is too academically minded and not focused on community and genuine worship.


We work too hard, don't know how to have fun, are involved in way too many activities, and are very stoic.


-no dating life -pray a lot -Smart


Wheaton students are perfect Christians


People say that Wheaton students are all type-A, go-getters, out to change the world. I think outsiders probably think that we are all straight-edge and boring, anti-partying, and prudish.


They're goody two shoes. They're really smart and terrible overachievers. They're fit, in shape, concerned about themselves and others; they're environment minded. They're the ultimate Christians.