Wheaton College-Wheaton Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at Wheaton College-Wheaton?


The students are conservative Christians who are obsessive about their studies. Wheaton students are super awkward, especially when it comes to relations with the opposite sex.


Very Type A, smart, snooty


Wheaton is a very prestigious Christian school, and it has a student body with conservative ideologies, and studious and puritanical ways of living.


students are all type A, extremely motivated and very strong and dedicated christians


Type A, perfect, Christian, wholesome, homeschooled, not drunk


Some people think Wheaton students are too strait-laced and concerned with being perfect to have fun.


There is a stereotype that a "Wheaton Bubble" exists where everyone inside the bubble is oblivious to the outside world that is just around the corner. This is the basic everyone is wearing rose-colored glasses stereotype. Other stereotypes include but are not limited to: all the girls are home-schooled and wear dresses everyday, and all guys wear flannel, and there is no social life.


We study too much and work too hard. We are very "A" type personality.


Wheaton students are "type A," overacheivers


We are all Christians Your Christian faith would not be stretched at Wheaton