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The community is the greatest thing at Wheaton college. Many people criticize it for one reason or another but in my opinion, it is a good thing especially in a fallen world where nothing is perfect. Many people yell at me for criticizing chapel, but I do think it could be humanly better than it is. I will not say more than that because it is also true that you can make or break chapel with your attitude towards it. I'd say I have a very high opinion of Wheaton's administration. I love how Dr. Litfin handles problems. He is not pretentious at all but takes events in stride and manages to back almost everything he says by scripture. One event that was recently blown way out of proportion by the media was the event of a professor leaving after filing a divorce with his wife. Fact #1: he resigned (ie. he was not fired). Fact #2: Yes, Wheaton has a divorce policy but they always take these things case by case. the media seemed to totally miss all this, but then again, whenever else do they get the chance to give Wheaton really bad media coverage.


I do sometimes wish the school had maybe a thousand more students, just so you don't see the same faces in the dining hall all the time. Also, the food is awesome, voted best in the country a couple of years ago. Overall, the quality of students is generally very high, and although people can get pretty high-strung, the overall demeanor of the campus seems positive and conducive for learning.


I love Wheaton because of the community and involvement you find at the school. Whether it's Model UN or Intermural sports, it seems like everybody finds something to be involved in. The relationships you build not only from being involved in extracurriculars but also but just being involved in dorm life is amazing and I can't say enough about the great friends I made because of these things. The campus is very supportive of the groups that represent Wheaton in any form and it really is a tightknit campus community.


Area: I love the area of Wheaton for the most part. The campus is beautiful in all the seasons. It still takes my breath away on certain days. Don't be fooled however if you visit the campus in the spring or the fall. Winter is cruel cruel cruel. There really is always something to do if you want. The train into Chicago is only five dollars round trip on weekends and is right on campus. Downtown weekend is half a mile away and has nice restaurants. On campus there will often be some sort of student government event, play, improv show, etc. Find a group a friends and just do everything with them. Food: The food really is very good which sets Wheaton apart because I always heard that college food was supposed to suck. Best thing about Wheaton: If you are at all into acting TRY OUT FOR WORKOUT. it has absolutely been the highlight of my college experience.


I will give you a positive view of Wheaton because I love it. The best things about Wheaton are the professors and the students. The professors are accessible and you can tell they truly care about you. I was over at one of my professor's house 4 times this semester, and his wife knows my name because she prays for me every week along with the rest of the class. Amazing. The professor that I TA for had me over for dinner to thank me for the work I did for him. I also love my friends. It's not a bad thing when you feel like you could be friends with almost anyone at your school, and the only thing that is holding you back is that you just don't have enough time and emotional energy to be friends with everyone.


Wheaton, first of all, is gorgeous. When people come to visit, they often either come in the fall or spring; in the fall, beautiful flowers fill the potting beds, the weather is just right, and the sun shines plenty. In the spring, tulips and violets are pushing up everywhere, just about every tree manages to bloom, and even the occasional thunderstorm make the place more wonderful. The students know the truth. The winter - six of the eight months at Wheaton - is brutally cold and not all the pretty. In many ways, that's how the time at Wheaton is. At first, it's the fall - where everything that's been planted in the past years of your life seem to fit just right. And when you leave, honestly, it seems like everything is blooming and blossoming and coming out just right. But between the coming and going lies a few years of a lot of confusion. It's taking strong, conservative Christian values and learning to live a real broken, hurt and twisted world with them. It's falling in love with God while trying to forgive your roommate for hurting you in a way. It's realizing that Wheaton, with all the beauty and perfection, is full of real people who often get in the way of the beauty. Things seem almost too good to be true - a perfect college town, really built up around the college, a beautiful campus, so very close to Chicago, Professors who seem to be the best people in the world, and students who are bright and attractive. But, like always, brokenness will get in the way and lead to disenchantment. Very, very quickly. I love Wheaton.


Wheaton is a very unique place. It is very academically challenging. Do not come here if your primary goal for college is to party, you are here to learn first. The faculty is fantastic, top notch scholars. Despite being an academically rigorous school, I did find plenty of time to have fun with my friends. The people here are really great. My friends are great, definitely my best friends in the world. Also cool is that Chicago is very accessible. The campus is right next to a train stop that goes into the city. The school is not perfect, so don't expect it to be, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and would not change it for anything.


The best thing about Wheaton is twofold - the amazing people you will find on campus (students, faculty, staff) and the dialogue that is a constant on our campus. Your friends will likely be leaders in their home community, incredibly talented, intelligent people who will question your faith and make you grow. The same goes for our faculty - they truly care about the students, and are interested in tying the faith into our academics. An atheistic approach to my field no longer seems natural to me. Together, we nurture an atmosphere that is constantly engaging the issues of academics and faith here in our own communities and around the world. The school is large enough to give you space to move and find your own group, but small enough to feel like a family. If I could change one thing about Wheaton, there tends to be a tired cynicism that is prevalent in the student body. Often, this comes from tired, stressed out students who are overwhelmed by their own problems, who are confronted by the brokenness of this fallen world. In response, I would challenge the prospective Wheaton student to choose to engage yourself wholeheartedly with a small number of issues you can fully commit to. If you find yourself discouraged, always remember that the Spirit strengthens and guides you.


Wheaton is an amazing community of very diverse students (all fifty states and a lot of countries). It is a small school, but this creates an atmosphere of fun and familiarity. We have chapel three times a week and almost all students attend. It is a great way to facilitate the bond between students. Dorm life is a great transition from home, and almost all upper-class men live in campus apartments. The big picture at Wheaton: its a fantastic place, but not for everyone. If you don't want to be intentional about community or loving Jesus Christ than its probably not for you.


Coming to Wheaton for my college career has been one of the best experiences I could have asked for. I don't know where else I could go that would give me such opportunities to grow intellectually, relationally or spiritually. We have a wonderful faculty who are so committed to seeing us grow in those areas. The relationships I've developed with these adults as well as the amazing students who join me at Wheaotn have been so fulfilling. Never have I been so blessed to walk alongside my peers in such loving and Christ-centered friendships. Here at college, our friends are our family. And I am so lucky to live with the people who surround me. Also, at Wheaton, we are given so many opportunities to grow outside of the classroom. Through extra-curriculars such as athletic teams, ensembles, committees and ministries, I have learned just as much as I've learned in the classroom. It's here that I've seen how to live in servanthood and how to apply what I've studied in my lectures. P.S. Chapel is awesome.