Wheaton College-Wheaton Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Wheaton College definitely has the ability to challenge perspectives. Therefore, someone with a very narrow minded approach to life and its questions should, in my opinion, not attend Wheaton College. Students are encouraged to read and learn broadly, where they will inevitably be confronted with differing and sometimes opposing opinions to their own. They will have to be able to deal with this “opposition” in a fair and truthful way, hence, avoiding closed-mindedness.


Wheaton's main goal is to push students academically and spiritually. A student who enrolls here must be prepared to face rigorous academics, mandatory chapel, and moderately strict rules. A student who wants to spend the weekends partying without the stress of homework should look elsewhere. Also, students are expected to be Christians. They do not need to be perfect of course, but students are encouraged to develop their faith while they are here.


read over the community covenant, if you feel like you can't live by that then, maybe Wheaton isnt the place for you, we believe in grace but will hold you to the covenant


Non-Christians. Career-minded individuals.


Don't go to Wheaton if you can't uphold their covenant, which includes a no-drinking policy.


Someone who is not comfortable with or does not want interaction with a Christian perspective and an intentional community should not attend this school--most here try to center their lives around Jesus Christ. If you are all about the parties and not about the academics, it would be tough to nearly impossible for you to enjoy Wheaton as well. If you need landscape or don't like the city, at least find friends like you to leave for breaks from Wheaton.


A person who is close-minded and uncompromising should not attend Wheaton College. Wheaton College Students must be ready to look at things with an open yet discerning mind. Truth is truth wherever it is found and a Wheaton College Student must be able to apply this principle. A person who wants to party should not attend Wheaton College. Wheaton College is focused on academic excellence in an evangelical environment and a lazy and eratic lifestyle is frowned upon. To further discourage partying and loss of inhibition, the consumption of alcohol is prohibited during each semester.


Anyone whose primary goal in college is partying should not look into Wheaton. Wheaton is not about drinking, smoking, or dances as much as it is about student community, faith, and academics. Don't attend if you are looking for fraternity/sorority -esque experiences: we just don't have them. You really have to make your own fun here. Also, don't attend if you are really bad about cold: Chicago winters are harsh, and it's really hard not to get depressed in the winters, and negative temperatures are totally normal December through March.


If you are not a Christian, or a nominal Christian, I would not attend this school. Chapel is required three times per week, which I found to be encouraging and engaging. Yet, if you don't share in these beliefs, you won't understand the requirements, and most likely you'll transfer fairly quickly.


Wheaton is a fairly conservative school with strong academics and zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol. This is not a good school for slackers or party animals. To be honest, the weather takes a little getting used to as well; there is snow on the ground for a good half of the year. Though the fall is great, and there are lots of sunny days, those who can't stand cold weather should probably look elsewhere.


Someone who enjoys the party scene or is not religious would not fit in at Wheaton College. It is a highly Christian institution and there is little to no alcohol drinking among the students.


A person who does not believe in the main tenets of the Christian faith should not attend Wheaton College. Among those who do believe in the main tenets of Christianity, those who do not value learning, higher education, and hard work, should also not attend Wheaton College.


Non-Christians should not attend Wheaton since a statement of faith has to be signed upon admission. Also very liberal students would feel out of place even though students are kind and accept in love those who may hold differing opinions. Prospective students must also willingly abide by a community covenant submitting to moral standards of good behavior and conduct.


People who are very negative and who look for the bad in every situation. Also, people who are really close-minded and not interested in questioning their beliefs. People who think they know everything are unwelcome.


A Christian who is looking for an academically challenging environment would do well at Wheaton. They would have to be fairly conservative to fit in, although there are a growing number on students on Wheaton's campus that are politically liberal. They would also have to want to be in a smaller, close knit community because Wheaton is a small college.


A person who does not want to be stretched should not attend this school. This school stretches students academically, emotionally, and spiritually. If you're not up to being pulled out of your comfort zone to learn and grow, you shouldn't attend here.


its a conservative christian school, so this school doesn't fit with alot of people. but for those would fit the criteria (being christian and having money to afford it), then you shouldn't come if you have a problem with being accountable to a community. you should also not come if you are wanting alot of diversity or like to live on the edge of social standards. don't come if your major isn't offered, and don't join the conservatory of music unless you're dead sure that you want to be a musician for a living.


a non-Christian with a bad GPA


A highly motivated and self driven person. One who is an acheiver and outgoing.


Wheaton is a Christian community and holds its students to strict standards of behavior. Do not come to Wheaton if you are not a Christian or if you plan on drinking, smoking, etc. , because you will NOT enjoy your time here. Don't come if you are not prepared to sacrifice your social life for grades (an unfortunate reality): classes are HARD. Also, Wheaton is very big on liberal arts education, so don't come if you are expecting vocational study-- you are required to take a lot of gen eds and our career services dept. isnt the best.


anyone that likes to party on weekends, unintelligent people


Someone who hates Christians.