Wheaton College-Wheaton Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Wheaton College is full of fun and new experiences. There are lectures, activities, games, art shows, and many more things offered almost every night. The is so much to be involved in, but there just isn't enough time.


Words of warning to prospective Wheaton College students: The student population at Wheaton College is incredibly homogenous: white, Christian, and upper middle class. While Wheaton offers an incredible liberal arts education, I found the student and culture to be somewhat stifling in its lack of ethnic, relgious, and socioeconomic diversity. Prospective students who crave different perspectives, voices, and backgrounds in their fellow student population should know that this is not readily available at Wheaton.


Everyone is very focused on getting straight "A"s. They miss the experience of learning, which I think is actually taking the time and learning, not just memorizing the information.


Not being allowed to throw impromptu dance parties in your hall or dorm. I love to throw dance parties, and we can only dance at organized school dances like the square dance or annual ball. It exasperates me that I can't blast my jams and invite some friends over for a break-down.


The lack of financial aid available for those who do not demonstrate financial need.


Nothing really.


Lack of Ethnic Diversity Science Professors and Science Facilities


It's very challenging academically, and it's very competitive. Everyone is very motivated and desires to do well in school, so it is hard to stand out and have great success. But the education is amazing and you will learn a lot when you apply yourself.


At times, some of the upper classmen can be very cynical about life, the church and the college. It seems to be becoming less so, as the student body is realizing the problem and attempting to correct it, but it still exists


The most frustrating thing at Wheaton is that students are constantly pushed to do more by the faculty and the administration but it never seems as if we are provided sufficient time to do more.


The most frustrating thing about this school i s that they keep the gender ratio at about 50/50. But the ratio of people who apply is about 70/30 (girls to guys). So it's much more difficult for girls to be accepted here than for guys. Also, it seems like a lot of guys who get accepted here are only here because they play football.


I find it very frustrating that there are not enough hours in the day to do all the activities I want to do and meet more people on campus while keeping up my grades. I also find the lack of a grocery store or pharmacy within walking distance a real annoyance.