Wheaton College-Wheaton Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best things about Wheaton are the Christian atmosphere and the challenging curriculum. Wheaton encourages students to push themselves both academically and spiritually without being forceful. The atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming--anyone would feel at home here. The community is great and even though I am only in my second semester, I have found great friends. And lastly, the food is spectacular! Currently, we are ranked 6th in the nation of best college food!


The professors really care about you as a person and do their best to invest in you not only as an academic being, but a person.


The community. I am continually surprised by the depth of character in my peers. It is a privelege to study and live alongside them all!


The unity about my school is by far the best thing. Due to the fact that I attend a parochial school it is assumed that all members of the student body have an essential piece of our world view in common, namely religion.


The amount of time the professors invest in each student. Many professors give their home numbers to students and are willing to meet to offer help. Many professors invite students over for meals and such. The professors are also involved in their own research and projects.


The best thing about Wheaton College is definitely the people. Everyone around here cares for eachother and the community is quite apparent across the campus.


The best thing about my school is the support of my fellow students and the staff. The environment is very friendly and most people are more than happy to lend a helping hand to someone in need of encouragement. There are multiple extracurricular activities, allowing everyone to connect to others and make life-long friends.


The faculty at our school are astoudning. They always have office hours available to help students or merely to talk and get to know students. They always do whatever they can to help students to learn and to enjoy learning the material. I have not had a professor who was not enthusiastic about the subject she/he taught. The professors are almost always very competent and able to express the material in a way that undergraduate students should be able to understand and engage.


Strong emphasis on academia. Engaged profressors. Strong social community. Strong desire to see the student succeed.


It is like a nice little bubble where you feel totally safe and homogenous. It really is a great feeling; you know people understand you and you understand them. it's a perfect, ideal community. the focus is on God, and the professors are some of the greatest people I have ever met.


The Conservatory. It's really good.


Community- friendly, caring people


Integrated faith and learning, especially in my literature and theater courses.


My favorite event on campus is the once-monthly communion service called All School Communion. It is a wonderful time to rest in the Lord, take a break from school and busyness for a couple hours, and worship. I didn't go to this service at all during my freshman year and am regretful about that. So overall, the best thing about Wheaton is the people. In my experience, everyone is really friendly and happy to get to know you. Also, most students are sincerely committed to their Faith which is great because you can see it in their lives.


The community of students and faculty waz amazing!


The professors are excellent at making students genuinely care about the subject they teach, whether it is a course for one's major or a general education course. They inspire long term interest in the subject, resulting in well rounded and intellectually active students. This makes campus life very engaging as individuals are not only full of ideas and opinions, but eager to discuss them with others. The brightest individuals one could ever meet are the ones wandering the halls of Wheaton College.


our Christian heritage. I think Wheaton has a history of God-centered learning, and even though it's getting more liberal as the years go on, it does honor those values.