Wheeling Jesuit University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Do not put things off to the last minute. You have to learn to manage your time wisely to be able to study, work, and still have some down time which is also a must. Being an athlete and being competetive helps with the self drive which is also a must because you don't have someone holding your hand or constantly pushing you to do better. Remember: this is Your future, make the most of it for Yourself!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, the kind of advice I would give to myself is to always think positive and to never give up. I would also tell myself to work hard at everything I do because it pays off in the long run. One thing for sure is to believe in yourself and to always strive for best in order to succeed in life. That's the kind of advice I would give to myself.


study more


If I could speak to my former self, I would reassure myself about the college selection process. It is very challenging to pick a college, but as long as you examine your values and needs, as opposed to other people's opinions, then you will be able to choose a college that you can adapt to. The first few months of college aren't going to be all about making instant friends, and constantly being busy and involved. You might feel lonely and homesick during your first semester. Don't worry, everyone feels this way to an extent. Simply transferring is not going to help. If you're in a new environment you are going to feel a bit anxious at first. The friends and the activities will come, and when they do you will be glad that you didn't drop out or transfer. You're also not going to get into your majors classes right away, you'll have to take general requirements. Once you adjust, get into specific majors classes, and become involved, you will love your college and you will develop lifelong relationships. Just make sure that you put yourself out there; you'll be fine.


Considering my major, this school was a very wise choice for me. The theology program is excellent and I truly got what I paid for with respect to what I learned.


College is so different than high school; no one cares who you are or who you were. Everyone is just there to get their stuff done and go home. I love college for that reason. I love going to school. College has made me grow up a lot and has made me more responsible. College is one of the best things I could have done. During this last semester, I learned what I want to do when I graduate. I am going to get my Masters Degree in Psychology and I am going to work with a program in Maricopa County that treats young women who have been sexually assaulted. That would be the most rewarding thing for me to do and i can't wait to get involved with it. College has made me think a lot about my future and very little about what I am going to do that weekend. I no longer live for the moment, I live for my future and I am not going to mess it up. I will achieve my dreams and I will be successful, and college is going to help me along the way.


So far, I have gotten out of my college experience a sense of a new education. The Jesuit education is more than just regular core. It educates the whole person and caring for the mind, body and spirit of every student. It allows students to receive an education for life, leadership and service with and among others.


My college experience has been great so far. The administration made it a very easy transition for me from high school to college. The fact that my school is small makes it alot easier to get help from the professors, administrators and coaches. It has been very valuable to attend for many reasons. I have never lived away from my family and never had to take care of alot of things on my own. I have learned to stand on my own two feet and accomplish what needs to be done. I also moved from a large urban area to Wheeling WV, this was a shock at first but I have come to love the best of both the worlds in which I live.


I am in the military and work in the intelligence field. Attending college to advance my skillset and knowledge was invaluable in making me a better analyst and Soldier in our nation's armed forces. I hope to continue my education into the graduate level as early as possible, with a little help from financial aid sources.


Assuming I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to not underestimate college. I thought high school was easy and I thought college would be just about the same. I would tell myself that I was wrong and I would need to study really hard and take good notes during classes. I would also tell myself that I should not be stubborn and just get help as soon as I need it.


I would inform myself to relax and just do my best. One of the main topics I would tell myself would be to apply for as many scholarships as possible. I would say this to make it easier on my studies now. So that I do not have to go to class for twenty hours a week then go to work when I am not in class. Also, I would inform myself of this to gain more sleep than the five to six hours a night that I get. Do to all of the homework that I have to complete. Another point I would bring up is to take as many AP classes as possible to lighten up on some of the more basic classes that have to be taken. So as to take more classes that are for my major instead of the remedial classes that everyone has to take.


I would say it was easier than I expected. I live 6 hours from campus and adjusted very well to being so far away from home. There are a few things I woudl have done differently out here for the first time, like study harder, get involved in some more activites and just experience some more things out here.


Students need to not be scared to ask the questions that really matter. Things such as alcohol and partying can play a higher role in the school's atmosphere than one may expect. These types of activities can greatly effect the way one's college experience can go! Parents need to remember that no matter how perfect they believe their child is, college is a hard transition and need to remember that sometimes one's grades may not be the perfect A's from high school. The college experience is too short to waste being miserable. In the end the most important part of college besides the education is that the student has fun! Pick the school that just simply feels right. Trust your instincts, and remember that you are your own person. Peer pressure can be tricky, but you can always fight it and be a better individual.


Upon searching for the perfect, individualized college one should compare all the top choices. Things to compare include, but are not limited to the following: financial aide, size of classes, size of the campus, options of housing, accreditation of the major that is being perused, and the passing graduation percentile for that particular major. Advice to be learned would be that college is what you make it. For someone to get the best experience out college one needs to learn, first and foremost, how to balance a social life with a responsible work ethic. From personal experience, the best way for a student to control his or her own experience would be to either obtain a position on the college?s student council board or just go to the meetings to voice an opinion. Finally, try not to allow the financial issues to run either a parent?s experience or the student?s. These days money needs to be sacrificed for a great education, but a great education is one of the best goals to have. College is what you make it; so with friends and family for support, make it the best experience you have and never hold back.


Deciding which college to attend is difficult. Before actually experiencing college, everything is vague; the choice is made by looking at buildings, prices, and majors/minors. Although this is a good starting point, there is a lot more to school than these concrete categories. Just because a school looks good on paper does not mean it is the ideal school for the student. The only way to find the appropriate school is by trial, and a good starting point is orientation. Here, a student can get a feel for the campus and his/her peers. It is an opportunity to meet friends before entering a new environment. Upon moving in, seeing familiar faces will be very comforting. The student must also learn to make the most of the school. Becoming involved is a great way to both meet people and get his/her mind off the stresses of the college workload. Although studying is important, it is also necessary that he/she allow time for a social life; after all, it is in college that one finds his/her lifelong friends. Good luck!


The college experience is a choice that should not be taken lightly. I honestly wished that if I had the opportunity to do it all over again I would do it differently, however most people say that in hind-sight bias. I think the most important part of choosing a college or university is to find what fits for you. You need to discover what you want to do and then figure out what you want out of school. Thoose two questions will help you figure out if you need a larger school, an art-focused school, or a school with strong athletic background. It is important to know what you want, if not right away then you should figure out somewhere else to go. Parents should definately not discourage their child from going anywhere they want even in a finnancial situation if is more important to find happiness than to find a low-cost school.


The best way to make the most out of college is to totally and completely emerse yourself into, first , your field of study and then all the activities the college or university has to offer. By doing this, one will not loose sight of academic sucess as well as being able to look back without regret on your college experience.