Wheelock College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I brag to my friends about Wheelock, I mostly talk about it's location being right in the city and a part of the colleges of the fenway. Since Wheelock is so small and next to a lot of other colleges, I am able to use the other schools' resources, which helps me not to feel that I am stuck with limited options.


Their mission. Wheelock College encourages me to be the "best me I can be", as cliche as that sounds. My "best me" is when I am working with children. Their mission is "improving the lives of children and families." I am proud to share this very same mission and be a Wheelock College student. The students, professors, and school itself strive to make a difference in the world. Sure, we're not Superman or Mahatma Gandhi, but we certainly have the same dreams.


In Wheelock anything is possible. You want something done or want to invent and sell, just ask any staff in our school campus and they will help you make it happen. Especially, as an student-athlete they will help you achieve and support anything that will bring you to success and brighter a future. I want major in Juvenile Justice and Socia Work, Wheelock helps me chase after my dream to help the youth. My first year as a freshman in Wheelock, has given the opportunity to engage with children and impacting one child's life at a time.


It has great class sizes


I tell them how Wheelock has this great atmosphere where everybody knows one another and the proffessors actually know your name.


At Wheelock College the academic and peer environment is very friendly. In my classes I have a one on one relationship with my teachers. We call our professors by their first names. They know not only who we are, but who we are an individuals as well. There is not a single way to hide in the background. The classes are very discussion based and very hands on involved. Academically I have never done so well in school. I love how supportive the learning environment is. Also the peole are so friendly, its a small school so everyone knows everyone.


I do not really brag about much.


I totally love the fact that in your first year as a freshman at Wheelock, you are giving the opportunity to work in the fields you are interested in persuaying as your career


the location of the school as well as the people that go there.


It's cool