Whitman College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The challenging academics in a supportive environment with great teachers.


It is a small liberal arts college not to far away from home. And the professors are really engaging.


I brag about the small classes and great extra-curricular learning opportunities like internships and study abroad. Also, Whitman is very small and easy-going. It's rigorous, but no one is going to harass you or make you feel inadequate. We're also very culturally centered, with a ton of great performances, speakers, plays, and musical productions every semester. Plus the small size of the campus lets you take full advantage of resources, academic help, professors' office hours, etc.


The availability of professors and the great campus resources.


We're a community and not an institution, we have fun while we are here to learn. For the most part we are here for the academics, but there are bands and great lecturers and movies, we know each other and get along. They are good people here, they are smart, but not smart but not pompous.


We were always pushed hard enough that when we graduated, we were incredibly capable independent human beings. We were never coddled but could always find support when needed.


The happy students and wonderful facilities.


Strong academics


Meal plan Variety of classes Wonderful professors that care about you


I usually brag about the people at my school. Everyone is so smart, articulate, driven, yet there's a wonderful balance of laid-back attitudes to accompany the intense ones. In addition to the people, I love to talk about our beautiful campus; it's gorgeous in all seasons, and the art around campus is so refreshing and well placed. The amount of trees we have on campus as well is always lovely, because there's always something blooming, even in the winter!


The small classes. I also know my professors better than my friends from other Universities.