Whitman College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The stereotype is that we're all outdoorsy earthy-crunchy hippies here at Whitman. While we do have an active outdoors program and beautiful, natural l areas close by to experience, there's plenty of people who aren't into the whole camping scene. The campus is fairly environmentally conscious but I believe that we're not really to the hippy level.


Outdoorsy, liberal, smart, friendly. For the most part YES, very true in all the best ways


Coming to this college and reading the reviews of the school, I expected the college to be congested with "outdoorsy, athletic" students, who are all hyped about hiking and such. But the outdoors is not as dominant as I was led to believe. Certainly, I have friends who go on outdoor program trips, participate in intramural and club sports, and go to the gym (especially this time of year). But I also have friends who spend their times auditioning for plays, practicing yoga, writing for the newspaper, and practicing the piano. Whitman students are so very diverse the kinds of clubs and activities they participate in. I think the most relevant stereotype would be that Whitman students participate in everything. As a friend says, "It's such a Whittie thing to do." But do not let this dissuade or intimidate you from applying or attending Whitman. We do have a life outside of academics and clubs and sports; we do watch TV and movies, play Uno, and find ourselves "at home" and resting from a day's worth of flurry activities.