Whittier College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


I love the professors, the small class sizes, and many of the students, but the Adminstration does nothing to combat sexual assault (in fact, they have mishandled many cases of sexual assault and won't release FERPA-allowed data on past cases) and actively tries to censor the College newspaper the Quaker Campus, and many of the students who are in societies promote heavy drinking, dangerous pledging activities, and bully other students for their sexual orientation and/or religious/non-religous beliefs.


Small, retro, modern liberal university.


A small but well rounded liberal arts College, with teachers that care about their students.


Pleasantly small, with administration designed to impede the excellent teachers rather than support them.


It is a small liberal arts college in California. It has a small campus and very small class sizes, which makes student to teacher access easy. For a small campus it has a lot of diversity and people from all over the country. It is full of people with different backgrounds and different styles. It has a lot of people who are there on scholarship and filled with people wanting to learn but being able to find different ways of learning the information.


My school is diverse as well as open minded and gives academic support to every individual.


Whittier College is an extremely diverse, academically challenging school with a dedicated and caring faculty and amazing students.


A great school where everyone bonds with each other during school activities and where you won't have to run to class because they are all close to each other.


It is a completely diverse and accepting college that assists you in reaching your goals.