Whittier College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Energetic, Studious yet social.


Most of them very friendly and very smart; seems like they get the material very quickly. I didn't really branch out much to meet the new people but some of my roomates and dorm neighbors were in my classes and it was nice.


Driven yet naive.


My classmates are engaging, eager to learn and willing to help others in need.


Whittier is very diverse; I think it was even named one of the most diverse colleges in the country. Students are pretty casual at Whittier. Since a majority of students live on campus, it's really tempting to just roll out of bed and go to class. Plus, it's southern California. Jeans and t-shirts for men and women. I'd say that politically, the students are mostly moderate, but those that are progressive/left, are very passionate and definitely have a voice on campus.


Classmates are diverse, intellectual, unique and all have different life stories.


They are focused enough to help when you have dazed off, but fun and nice enough to socialize and be distracted with you.


Friendly, fun-loving, hard working people with promising careers ahead of them.


My classmates are usually dedicated to work within the classroom environment, but once class is over, the party begins.


Very friendly and idealistic but slightly vapid


My classmates are very open-minded.